Adrift by David Myers – Drifting away from the norm fabulously!


Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2 near Bayfront MRT

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DSC_0761 DSC_0768Upon entering this modern, sleek and cavernous bistro, Adrift is bound to make you feel very relaxed in many ways. Firstly, you will be welcomed with their smiley and prompt staffs who are stationed all over the restaurant. And secondly, we’ve managed to swap for a bigger communal table that is by the alluring ceiling-to-floor glass window which you could gaze out into the calming waters outside.

DSC_0758Befitting the occasion, a mini celebration for our bdays amidst the heavy schedule, K and I decided to chill out with this glass of Harajuku as if Ginza is just by the side. Tasting pretty manly with its strong whisky base while a light orange aroma and bitter dark chocolate was added to make it less serious, a little more frivolous. 

DSC_0755Despite serving a more straightforward lunch compared to its dinner, innovation could still be spotted in the dishes that Adrift serves. Focusing on modern Asian, most dishes are given an Asian twist to it which is greatly adored. This bowl of luscious young kale, beautifully lashed with the fragrant shallot vinaigrette was undoubtedly reinforced by the heavier-tasting truffled-infused pecorino cheese. $18.

DSC_0757And topped on this toasted pandesal bread is a luxurious spread of evenly pulled suckling pig and pickled papaya. These small bites, brilliantly intense in flavours, owns a slight spicy tang that helps to lift the overall taste. Very delicious indeed! $16.  

DSC_0760Now, lets get into the real deal, the larger plates or mains in short, was cleverly opened by this brick chickenUnlike its name, this huge slab of chicken thigh tasted really succulent and tender; even more memorable with its refreshing concoction – the yuzu jus coating that paired unmistakably well with the grills. $26. It’s tough for yuzu lovers to forgo this dish.

DSC_0768Vegetarians alert! You will not be left out as this beautiful rice bowl, elegantly topped with chopped eggplant and the yolky ramen egg, would definitely keep your senses awakeCleverly executed, this ball of rice was actually grilled to yield a crispy fragrant crust that pushes this dish into the umami spectrum. An amazing vegetarian dish. $17.

DSC_0761Bla bla bla, another Wagyu Cheeseburger we say but fat juicy patty is heavily coated in the melted cheese that serves to complement the heavier-tasting beef patty. And those white snowy flakes/icing in the background are best eaten with the tomato based bun! Very interesting flakes over there indeed. $25.

DSC_0766Not forgetting their signature sides, the grilled corn, aptly glazed with dashi butter that was definitely the key ingredient in making these otherwise plain-looking corn so tasty and addictive. Not only are they smeared with a buttery fragrance, the dashi has aided in building up its savouriness! $8.

DSC_0769 DSC_0770

DSC_0769We have wanted to end this marvellous lunch with a dessert but the ice cream looks too good to be missed! Embracing their creed, we got a mango lassi Ice cream that tasted so creamy and yoghurty with a perfect balance of mango goodness in it. Delicious! $5. And the playful parfait topped with raspberry ice cream, bitter squishy cocoa mochi, raspberry and tropical fruits, was nicely blended and whipped in the smoothest vanilla cream. I love the cream but I think I cherish being fit more, so it was painfully forsaken. $9.

Indeed, the exciting array of dishes available for lunch at Adrift is beckoning for a dinner date at this inviting restaurant. I am unsure when will I be back but I highly believe I will be!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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