Wen Dou Sek 搵到食 – Very cheap dim sum fare with an outstanding quality

Wen Dou Sek 搵到食

Near Aljunied MRT

wds7Cheap, delicious and worth down to every cent spent over here, it is no wonder why Wen Dou Sek 搵到食 is a super hot favourite in this neighbourhood. Fully packed already when we arrived, its flow of customers has never ceased even as lunch hour has passed. A very small squishy restaurant, exuberating a strong Hong Kong flavour already when you literally need to tuck in your tummy to get past the narrow aisle. But service, is still pretty friendly and amicable. And for air-con avids, this place does have an AC.

wds8 wds10Huge menu it has, we got the classics as S and G from the other part of the world preferred that. Unexpectedly delicious actually as the fillings were crunchy, fresh and substantial. The only gripe – the skin for the steamed snacks could be made better as it turns sticky relatively quickly. Everything was a favourite, but the unanimous excitement was found with the Tom Yum Siu Mai – very flavourful with a light dash of tom yum spices in it; this new creation worked.

wds9 wds11

And its Jin Dui, made with an adequately chewy mochi skin with thick molten chocolate in it was also delectable. I still prefer molten sesame in it though.

wds12Herbal chicken for dim sum was my first at a dim sum restaurant which tasted very flavourful and fragrant with the strong herbal taste. The other outstanding dish was the seemingly ordinary cheong fen that is drizzled on with an extraordinary sauce. So intense, and beautifully permeated with the fragrance from the fried shallots, this sauce is no common light soy sauce that you get at all other restaurants. More viscous, greasier and much more fragrant, a lot of effort must have been put into concocting it. Yums!

wds6 wds5

wds4 wds3And after the delectable lunch, it was a crazy 3h standing to secure the ‘best’ position for the fireworks display! With much patriotism punching in our hearts, we bellowed almost every song with gusto!

wds1 wds2

Happy SG50! One more week to go before the actual celebration! And yes, very cheap tickets to HK have been secured (yet again), looking forward to seeing the fun HK peeps soon!


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