Lighthouse Bistro & Bar – Marvelous Bistro that will never break the bank!

Lighthouse Bistro & Bar

Wavelink Building, next to Lavender MRT

lb8Despite looking slightly retro and gaudy with its neon-lit fitting for its restaurant name on the outside, Lighthouse Bistro & Bar actually boasts a really modern, current and family-friendly interior that is staffed with immaculately dressed waiters and waitresses, some even in blazers actually. Tasty, delectable, fresh with no traces of MSG detected, the menu over here is priced incredulously affordable for its quality. Beats me but am guessing it may have got to do with the slightly lower rental in that area.

lb5 lb6

lb7 lb8It is a crazy meet-up with the high school buddies, and the usual picky few, loved this bistro recommendation. The fisherman board, filled with the usual grubs – juicy fried fish fillet, beautifully blanched mussels flavoured with sweet and sour chilli, succulent fried prawns made rightly intense with the light mayonnaise. While the most exciting bite was the perfectly sauteed calamari; made so fragrant with the finely chopped fried garlic that is cut through seamlessly by the zesty lime. $18.

lb4Having a penchant for seafood bisque, this prawn one was summoned. Thick, creamy and soothing, this strained broth of crustacean prawns deserve to be applauded with its stellar taste! Though my love still lies with my all-time favourite lobster bisque, a $9 bowl like this is definitely a good substitute!

lb9The Malaysian-influenced Angel Hair was spot on with its ultimate balance of spices, wok hei and umami, not forgetting the perfect al dente-ness of the pasta that gives it a lip-smacking slurp. A very exciting dish; this is by far, one of the best fusion made right. $17. And I love how appetising this looks as the pasta is compressed into a dense block. Yums!

lb3Ribeye Linguine, perfectly made al dente again and topped off with a beautifully char-grilled ribeye, was the most incredulous bargain of the day at $19. Uniformly tossed in the refreshing tomato-based sauce, it is very well complemented by the smokiness of the grill above.

lb2And what may seem unexciting to the naked eye, this honey infused Chicken chop is in fact pretty extraordinary. Beautifully penetrated with the honey fragrance, this slightly tender chicken slab tasted addictively sweet and savoury. $18. Thumbs-up!

A pity we did not move on to the desserts as the bistro has to be closed early for a function later on. And interestingly one may realise that the mains for this bistro barely pass two columns in the menu, but I believe that exactly gives it the needed focus and niche for its fusion mains to be presented perfectly! And I am planning for my next visit here already!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant!


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