Ginza Kuroson 銀座黒尊 – Back here within 7 days! It is that good!

Ginza Kuroson 銀座・黒尊

Takashimaya Level 3 near Orchard MRT

This may sound familiar, indeed, the first review on Ginza Kuroson was just written a week ago, and it really is so good that a revisit was planned for this National Day Weekend with the folks, who love it as much as I do, if not more.

gk3 gk2

gk1The sharing plate sushi was gotten from the dinner menu as a more premium set was desired. 8 luscious pieces here, each with supreme freshness, they managed to open the meal spectacularly for the folks. Remarked one of them on the delicate balance of the amount of shari used together with the exquisite topping, just enough to allow the seafood to shine brightly. 8 pieces – scallop, ottoro, maguro, huge ebi, sea urchin, ikura, anago (I think). Making full use of the gigantic prawn, its head was fried to sheer crispness while the cholesterol-heavy matter in it was all removed before serving to us – I like! $56.

gk4 gk5-001

gk6Two fish sets were ordered – Cod fish gindara ($38) and Tsubodai ($34) sets! My favourite always, the cod fish here impressed greatly with its chunky decadent meat, flavoured up with the mildly sweet Teriyaki sauce.

And the highlight of the entire meal – the Tsubodai fish which, is claimed to be rarely served at other restaurants. So I reckon, get this here if you are a huge fan of fish! While its flavour has a slight resemblance to the familiar grilled mackerel (perhaps due to its marination), the clever use of the fleshier tsubodai fish made it even more wholesome! Beautifully grilled to a golden brown hue to yield a crustier skin, its plump, bouncy flesh was as juicy and substantial as one would have hoped for.

High hopes I may have had for this second visit, and we left feeling that every set is praiseworthy.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant


After an eventful four days, that marks the end of the Jubilee weekend, not forgetting to wish this small island nation a Happy 50th Birthday! We know how much you have punched above your weight!


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