Legendary Hong Kong – Is the London duck there that legendary??

Legendary Hong Kong

Jurong Point MK street near Boon Lay MRT

lg1 IMG_8181

lg2Neon lit billboards draping along the whole stretch, the first and only ‘street’ in Singapore made to resemble those of Hong Kong has indeed pulled off as the Mongkok street in Sg. Even more so, when you step into Legendary Hong Kong, and you will find yourself immediately being whisked into a really familiar cha can teng scene, exactly just like what you would experience in Hong Kong. As from the flooring pattern to the chairs being used, Legendary Hong Kong is definitely beaming with character. Service though, is much more patient, allowing one to dine without the stress.

IMG_8183 IMG_8184

IMG_8185We came for the London Duck, and it was summoned! Tender meat underneath with a fairly flavourful dark soy sauce marination, this was unfortunately not spectacular despite having a layer of potential fats underneath its slightly fragrant skin; it is quite a far cry from what we have savoured previously at Four Seasons London during the old uni days (they are that memorable). I reckon the roasting needs to be worked on. $7.80, an additional $2 for the drumstick making this $9.80.

IMG_8189The Shrimp dumpling noodle soup managed to redeem itself with its super springy egg noodles and crunchy prawn mushroom dumpling. Simple as it seems, the stock, was surprisingly more bearable this time, with almost an absence of the stinging alkaline taste (that renders the noodle springy) that Hong Kongers are crazy of. $6.80.

IMG_8191The best dish of the meal – Cheung Fen with fried dough and crunchy succulent prawns wrapped within, drizzled with the lip-smacking soy sauce = A perfect combination. My favourite dim sum ever since my maiden visit to Yauatcha LondonI have been scouring round the whole island in search of it, and this is I think the second Cantonese restaurant that I have managed to find serving it! $5.80.


IMG_8187The first place that serves lao sa polo bao I think. Alright, the custard filling doesn’t run but I think that prevents the whole bun from getting overly cloying as the fragrant crust has already been prepared with a sinful load of butter; and we were satisfied with this buttery eggy bun! $5.

A very extensive menu Legendary Hong Kong has, I reckon the classic cha can teng items are the better performers and safer choices as the claypot tofu randomly ordered from the main dishes section looked and tasted unappetising. And I was secretly relieved that this restaurant was visited after work as its quality doesn’t warrant a visit for people from the far East. Oh well, pop by if only you are craving for a retro HK environment and staying in the West.

Verdict: An above average restaurant

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