Bedrock Bar and Grill – Super reasonable lunch, almost perfect meal.

Bedrock Bar and Grill

Near Somerset MRT

IMG_8235Just as we were rushing for the 1-for-1 entertainer app redemption before its last order at 2.30pm, we discovered an even better lunch deal at just $38 for a three course menu at Bedrock Bar and Grill; the restaurant that is highly revered as one of the places to go for steaks. And so we forsook the app deal and plunged straight into the Lunch set; $38 for its seafood one while its grilled steak set would cost $58. And an SG50 express lunch was available for this period for $50.

IMG_8228Complementary flat bread has a texture a little similar to naan; stretchy but much fluffier within. And its butter, served at the perfect temperature makes a convenient spread; best eaten together with the slightly caramelised garlic that has been cooked to a pulpy texture.

The $38 set lunch:


IMG_8227The lobster bisque was grabbed immediately the moment it was spotted as an option in the starters section. Thick and full of crustacean umami-ness, its intense seafood flavour was lifted impeccably by the chives cream.

IMG_8232And the Barramundi fillet, baked to a precised timing, was perfected with a crusty skin and perfumed throughout with the fragrance of the olive tapenade. Well, Barramundi is usually not my first choice for fish as the inherent muddy taste and slightly mushier consistency aren’t my favourites but the muddy taste here was almost non-existent for Bedrock and its consistency springy.

IMG_8234Its sticky toffee pudding was perhaps the best one that I’ve ever encountered so far, in fact better than those that I have tried in Britain during the uni years (Perhaps I have not had enough to judge accurately). Easily made overly sweet and cloying by most, the balance over here was spot on, and its overall flavour cut through by some zesty pomegranate added. To bring this dessert to completion, it was topped with the creamy gingernut ice cream that makes it even more delectable.

The $50 SG50 lunch course:

IMG_8230 IMG_8233

IMG_8231With only two choices available, we got the slow-cooked oyster blade steak served with chunky chips and sweet juicy tomatoes that seems to have been thoughtfully caramelised by the heat. Unfortunately, the steak was a little lacklustre due to its slightly mushier consistency, which didn’t render the kick that we have anticipated. But we believe a grilled rendition should taste much better with a crustier and smokier top.

Well, though not the most mind-blowing restaurant, Bedrock still executes its food really well with much precision and accuracy and would have been an impeccable meal if not for the less satisfying steak. Now we know to get the grilled rendition from the lunch set if we need a good steak!

Verdict: A good restaurant


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