The Peninsula Boutique – Super delicious custard mooncakes that I popped 3 at one go!

Peninsula Boutique

Ion Orchard near Orchard MRT #B1-13

p1A simple ig post was initially thought sufficient but the fun and interactive demonstration at the Peninsula Boutique rendered a short blog post compelling. As much as it may seem, no, this isn’t any pineapple tart or the like! Rather, hailing from food heaven Hong Kong, Peninsula Boutique does serve up one of the highest grade mooncakes that you could ever get. The reason: The veteran chef behind this prestigious boutique has a solid 49 years of experience under his belt, since he started off in 1966! Absolutely lovely to have him here in Sg yesterday for a mooncake-making sharing session!

p2The highlight of the night: Baked Custard Mooncakes. While retaining the traditionality of a baked crusty and flaky skin, Peninsula Boutique ensured that it did not lose its currency by using the more modern fragrant custard filling for these mini, golden dollops of mooncakes. Tasting very fragrant with its buttery perfumed crust, 3 of these custard mooncakes were finished at one go; calories not wasted definitely!

p10 p12

p9 p8

PeninsulaAnd the interesting, fun Cantonese-filled demonstration began which made mooncake making seem so deceivingly effortless and quick. So skillful, swift and accurate in all his measurements, we were really impressed and couldn’t get our attention off this mooncake master!

p13 p14

p15Though seemingly simple-looking they are, these golden custard mooncakes made with the utmost precision will definitely leave you craving for more (that resulted in my ‘irrational’ 3-piece binge that night)! So, wait no longer and grab your box of custard mooncakes from Peninsula boutique.

Price: $66 for a box of 8 mini custard mooncakes


B1-13 ION Orchard

B2 Takashimaya Square (Event Hall)

Tangs Vivocity Atrium

Level 1, Chevron House, Change Alley 

Star Express Merchandising Pte Ltd


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