Lime Parkroyal on Pickering – The first Maine Lobster Buffet!! The Lobsterfest!

Lime Parkroyal on Pickering

Near Clarke Quay MRT

IMG_8267No more Octoberfest as we immerse ourselves in the first ever Lobsterfest this season! From now till 30th Dec 2015, a hearty lobster buffet will be served on every Wednesday for $98++ at Lime Parkroyal that includes free flow of beer, juices and soy milk.

We may have very well heard of Sg’s favourite – the more common crab buffet but a buffet themed with Lobster may be the first for me! Having a bigger interest in lobster, largely due to the preference for a firmer bouncier meat, my interest was greatly piqued the moment this lobster buffet was featured on ig. Made an appointment the day it was launched, and the first month has been fully booked. That is, perhaps, a testament to the rarity of a lobster buffet.

Lime Lobster-001Featuring mainly Maine lobsters, they are presented deliciously as the main ingredient in a myriad of cuisines. You get a taste of the Singapore style; what else to expect but the popular chilli lobster, black pepper lobster that are both stir fried with the addictive wok hei. Turnover is so quick that you could spot the chefs continuously whipping out baskets and baskets of fresh Maine lobsters from the heavily used wok from the open kitchen.

IMG_8275So succulent-looking as that bright shimmery orange shell calls out to you. Luscious meat within that has been fully permeated with the spicy savoury chilli sauce and remember to soak it up with the deep fried man tou to complete the beautiful experience. Indeed, A double serving was needed for me to make it a thorough one!

IMG_8278And the black pepper one tasted super intense with its thick coat of spicy, pungent black pepper, that serves to awaken your sleepy tastebuds!


IMG_8264My other favourite station, the lobster laksa! This aesthetics of this bowl of laksa is really wicked sick I felt, so beautiful that your appetite would be ready to repeat this station anytime. Together with the thick, aromatic broth, this already perfected laksa is further lifted by the chunky maine lobster which is cleverly soaked in a pot of water lest its meat turns dry and tough. And that sealed the deal, 2 bowls it was for the buffet-savvy me.

IMG_8266Moving away from the sg delights, this mini italian lobster pasta was on point, al dante and looked so photogenic with the small crustacean, lashed with the lobster-base sauce.

IMG_8243Hola! What we have here; the Spanish Paella that was surprisingly delicious as the texture of the rice was spot on! The texture shouldn’t be a given, especially at a buffet when things are cooked in huge quantities and the word ‘meticulous’ could be conveniently forgotten. This was made thoughtfully with the reduced crustacean stock, so adequate that the rice was full of crustacean umaminess. Hidden within this pile, you could get lovely mussels with huge fresh succulent prawns and lobster claws!

IMG_8246 IMG_8245

IMG_8244Amongst the crazy Lobster spread, lets also not forget the other shining stations as they cleverly inject a beautiful variety to the buffet. The lap cheong fan and stir fried noodles were both filled with loads of savouriness and the huge bits of lap cheong definitely made it into a stellar pot of rice! Not featured here, the curry chicken was also an easy favourite for us as its curry, undertaking a more Indian slant, has permeated fully through the tender chicken meat. If only we have some roti there!

Lime Lobster

IMG_8273 IMG_8272

IMG_8270 IMG_8268To end this seafoody buffet off, the spread at the dessert counter will definitely do a splendid job. An eclectic spread from the usual cakes, to nonya kueh to the signature green tea fondue, my biggest favourite was the petite but potently intense durian penyat drizzled with some molten gula melaka. You could see these shot glasses depleting and being replenished the fastest as discerning Sgreans swept them up relentlessly.

IMG_8251And what a night these crustaceans have brought to us by Lime at Parkroyal on Pickering. So book it before it ends, but lets hope this could be a yearly affair.

Verdict: A good Lobster buffet

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