Spizza – The pizza place that has survived for more than a decade!


Capitol Piazza near City Hall MRT

IMG_8322Rewind a decade back, Spizza was the favourite pizza place to hang out at for the high school friends and I despite its less convenient location then. That was when pizza hut was still the mainstream pizzeria and most of us wanted something refreshing. Spizza was indeed the first restaurant to have introduced me to the ultimate Italian style thin crust pizza which I fell in love with at the first visit already. From then on, thin crust pizza has always been the first choice!

With the brisk opening of so many restaurants in the last decade as Sg experienced a restaurant boom, many have failed to sustain after the first 5 tumultuous years but Spizza stayed strong and now has more than 5 branches; the newest one located at the recently opened Capitol Piazza mall (Finally, one that is nearer to home). As nostalgic as I felt, I pulled the mum into this restaurant when we walked past it.

IMG_8321Staying true to what it originally started out as, the Isabella pizza was the classic. Thin crust, with parma ham, rucola salad and parmesan cheese; it was a combination that has been deeply ingrained in the mind already. This might not be the best parma ham pizza that I’ve ever had but it will still be the best 10 yrs ago and one that had influenced my choice of thin crusted ones over the fluffy type. Very worthy for lunch as it will only cost a whopping $12 instead of the usual $21 for any medium 10-inch pizza. So, pizza fans out there working around that area, you may not want to miss such a crazy deal.

IMG_8317 IMG_8319

IMG_8320My virgin taste of Gnocchi which I have always wanted to try but usually gotten over by my distractions. Gratinated with a generous serving of cheese, these plump doughy dumplings were aptly drenched in the decadent creamy base. $18.

With its unbeatable lunch promotion and perfect location, I reckon Spizza would be crowded for lunch. May not be my favourite place now, but definitely has it brought back endearing memories!

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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