Kilo at Pact – Light, fusion, healthy but delicious!

Kilo at Pact

Orchard Central #02-14 near Somerset MRT

IMG_8341Donburi – Convenient, simple and delish, it definitely has become one of the favourites for most, including myself as they are usually made very palatable with the right mix of ingredients. Looking for something light yet still rejuvenating, we decided that Kilo at Pact should suit the mood today.

IMG_8338 IMG_8337

IMG_8335Having a really industrial outlook, the unfurnished concrete benches are paired perfectly with the wooden stools. Comfortable as its interior would have you withdrawn from the clamour of bustling Orchard yet not too isolated so you could still enjoy a relaxing time with your friends. I reckon it is quite the place to hang out at, especially when you have your meal against the window facade.

Mainly fusion, with some European and Japanese elements, we started off with the plump Yuzu Tai Roll. Perfumed beautifully with the yuzu-truffle dressing, I could already smell the enticing roll a short distance away. And Encapsulated within is the lightly fried crab, complemented brilliantly by the crispy tempura flakes to give each bite an extra crunch. Delish! $23.

IMG_8339 IMG_8345

IMG_8340Super food + sumptuous healthy food, the neatly plated donburi salmon quinoa bowl is unbearably photogenic that a few shots had to be taken before we could tuck in. Luscious shimeji mushrooms paired with the pan fried salmon, together with the creamy avocado, they just made the pile of super food quinoa even more nutritious. But I reckon they could shave off a few seconds from the pan fried salmon as it is slightly dry within while the peas tasted a little too earthy to my liking! $18.


IMG_8343OK, we forsook the healthy eating when we saw Kilo’s Smashburger as it seems to promise us a smashing time. Juicy double beef patties, lashed over with the melted cheddar, seated snugly between the fluffy brioche buns, that is really all we have hoped for! $23.

IMG_8348Kudos to the lava cake that flows, filled with the runny decadent chocolate within, this was quality lava. However the slightly diluted ice cream could be worked on more as a thick creamier rendition would be preferred. $11.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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