Cafe & Meal Muji 無印良品 – Redefining simplicity

Cafe & Meal Muji 無印良品

Paragon #04-36 near Orchard MRT

m5 m3

m4 m6Finally, Muji cafe has landed in Singapore! Its debut cafe, located on the fourth floor of Paragon, has attracted a perpetual queue since its opening yesterday. Expectedly looking sleek, minimal but modern, this is one of the much better cafes that we could have hoped for in Sg! The menu, embodying Muji’s creed, is kept very simple and straightforward. You could get a three (2 cold and 1 hot) or four (2 cold and 2 hot) deli rice set at $12.90 or $16.90 respectively. Add $1 more and you could upgrade to the super healthy 10 grain rice. Looking all so delish, the choice was quite apparent while V went for the conservative one.


IMG_8363 IMG_8369

IMG_83613-deli course – salad with shrimp, matcha caesar salad and saba mackerel. Not mindblowing, but uncomplicated and calming, this has definitely redefined simplicity. Exuberating with much vibrancy, I especially love the emphasis on colours by the Japanese which has been thoroughly exemplified by this set. The intense, lip-staining matcha latte sealed the deal with the signature wobbly pudding that has been permeated fully by the lightly sweet caramel. Sublime.


IMG_83664-deli course – matcha caesar salad, vegetable omelette, black vinegar sweet and sour pork, chicken hamburger; accompanied with the zesty yuzu squash ($5.90) and the fluffy earl grey perfumed chiffon cake ($5.40). Yes indeed, the matcha caesar, tossed heavily with the pesto sauce mixed with some matcha flakes, is a first for me; very refreshing and daring combination I reckon.

IMG_8370While I was particularly more impressed by the tasty vegetable omelette that consists of the favourite pumpkin cubes.

Simply another good Japanese cafe added to the growing list! Perfect service, kind and helpful while you know they pay special attention to their presentation when one of the service crews wiped the sauces off the rim of the transparent bowls when it got stained accidentally during service. The desirable opening of these chain Japanese cafe seems to be on a roll!

Verdict: An excellent cafe.

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