Teppei Syokudo – No frills (net price), just good Japanese food!

Teppei Syokudo

Millenia Walk #01-105 near Promenade MRT

IMG_8359We must have heard of the various stories on the atrocious reservations for Teppei’s $60 omakase set at Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar. That to secure a seat you need to tenaciously hold on to your phone the whole day as soon as booking starts as the line is more often than not, engaged throughout. Well, emulating most economical senmonten in Japan, they have opened one at the quieter Millenia Walk.

Functioning literally just like a Syokudo (Canteen); no frills, no service charge, no add on GST, no beautiful bowls, no spaciously spaced tables, but only delicious Japanese rice sets served straightforwardly on disposables, Teppei Syokudo is one of the restaurants I would recommend if you want a quick but satisfying Japanese bite without throwing your wallet into the incinerator.

IMG_8357The Teriyaki Chicken Bento, unlike many other smaller stalls, does not reek of the overly sweet and viscous teriyaki sauce. Instead, the meat seems to have been braised or steamed till it turns really tender before giving it a light torch on its outer skin. Quite uniquely tasting and very delicious indeed when paired with the appetising pickles. $14.80.


IMG_8360This is the plus for eating at such no frills restaurant, that you can order your sides without much qualms! While the Tonkatsu ($6) was expectedly good with a crispy overcoat, the crab cream croquette ($3) exceeded our expectations as it was filled tightly with the tasty seafood cream.


IMG_8354And its Kaisendon, topped with luscious fish and scallop cubes, is undeniably one of the highlights for Teppei Syokudo. Deviating from the traditional chirashi (that doesn’t involve marination), these diced sashimi cubes were coated with the perfectly mixed sauce which gives this bowl a heavier taste. $16.

IMG_8351Despite not attracting a super long line, the small restaurant was rapidly filled up after we went in. And I reckon, it may be one of the busiest restaurants at Millenia Walk for a long time to come.

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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