Exciting culinary Creations at Ion Orchard – The restaurants to look out for!

Ion Orchard

Near Orchard MRT

culinary festWhat an exhilarating night to end the busy week with; a beautiful culinary fest organised by Ion Orchard, where 6 heavyweight restaurants were gathered to whip up their signatures, mostly only available in this gargantuan mall!

Saveur ArtIMG_8373

IMG_8376Sous vide Egg confit – so well prepared that the runny, luscious yolk looks ready to explode anytime. Emanating from the egg, you could get a distinctive whiff of the aromatic truffle aroma while the crunchy macadamia nuts perfected the overall texture! Delicious!

Nara ThaiIMG_8377Thai Otah with creamy coconut dip. This was decently good but just a tad salty to our liking.


IMG_8391Kobe beef that melts in your mouth literally. Usually mistaken as just a figure of speech, we were told that the sashi fatty content of these well marbled meat actually starts to dissolve at low temperatures, thereby creating that magical ‘melting’ sensation. And its immensely fragrant flavour was contributed by the inosine (nucleoside) and oleic acids (fatty acid) abound.

The Marmalade PantryIMG_8387Halibut fish wrapped in razor thin bacon. The concept behind it; the immensenly fragrant pan fried bacon helps to lift the overall taste of the halibut fish, making it a slightly heavier tasting dish. Really fresh and chunky halibut within but I reckon the bacon renders it a little too salty.

IMG_8395Cha Ca La VongTurmeric catfish fish with dill! Popular traditional dish made posh I say, the clever use of colours over here definitely has injected vibrancy into this dish. Hailing from Hanoi, its apparent popularity could be realised from a street that was named after it. Grilled and pan fried with a generous serving of dill and spring onions, its savouriness is balanced off perfectly by the refreshing, zesty rice noodles hidden underneath!

Pu TienIMG_8400And our last dish of the night – Bee Hoon stir fried with Soy milk that hails from the Fujian region. Its method of cooking must have pricked the ears of the health-conscious. Though slightly lighter in tasting, the vermicelli tasted especially fine and uniformly fragrant and you know why when the chef constantly tosses the noodles with his chopsticks. Meticulous indeed!

Thank you ION Orchard for this wonderful night!

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