Sister Wah 華姐清湯腩 – Collagenous plate of beef tendon noodles! But not for the weak hearted…

Sister Wah 華姐清湯腩

Tin Hau MTR station, exit A2

w1With only 3 days and 2 nights in HK, it was indeed an eating frenzy experience for H and I as we managed to squeeze in the optimum amount of meals that we could get everyday! It may feel a tad too short for some, but perfectly adequate for us as we have already lost count the number of times we’ve been to this bustling city! Cheap flight tickets (Cathay Pacific even) and accommodations, there isn’t any other reason from stopping us on embarking this getaway! Landed safely, checked in swiftly and we headed straight to our first stop – Sister Wah beef noodles 華姐清湯腩. It was already 2pm then but the crowd was still continuously streaming in; popularity shown.


IMG_8404Typical of most HK restaurants, the waiter was eager to take our orders already the moment we sat down, even before we could figure out where the menu is! Feeling slightly confident, I blurted out 干捞面 (gan lou min) in Cantonese as the assumption that only beef brisket noodles were served here! To my horror, a plate full of this gelatinous stuff was served to us and my first impression: this seems to be a stockpile of fats. Until further scrutiny and enquiry that we realised it’s a heap of collogen-packed tendon! Pardon the appearance as they are not in the slightest bit appealing but for tendon lovers like you and me, this could be the most tendon that you can get in a serving! Tasting slithery yet still emanating the fragrant beef aroma, this bowl of tendon was pretty delicious actually. And the springy noodles were needless to say, perfectly textured. HKD$52. But if you are averse to such a texture, remember to get the beef brisket noodles or au nam lou min instead.


IMG_8407A random side of braised beef shank was ordered which turned out to be interestingly delicious as each tender slice is punctuated with some beef tendon. Nicely marinated, it formed the more savoury bit of this meal.

IMG_8406 IMG_8402

And indeed, it was a great meal to start off the trip!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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