Sin Mei Tea 川善茶居 – Have you seen a Sizzling Matcha brownie before?

Sin Mei Tea 川善茶居

Sheung Wan MTR, Exit A2

sm2Located on the 5th Floor of CS Tower, one could easily miss this quaint little cafe as firstly it’s not on the ground floor and secondly, Sin Mei Tea is blatantly not reflected on the building’s directory. So, I suggest your landmark to be the huge 7-11 opposite, and you shouldn’t keep going around in circles. Upon entering this cafe, you will immediately be withdrawn from the clamour outside the bustling streets of space crunch Hong Kong, as patrons over here behave like the stereotypically gentle Japanese as they sip away on their thick Matcha latte. Atypical of most cafes, I believe the main reason for such a less boisterous atmosphere largely lies in the upmarket oriental interior furnishings, that somewhat reminds me of a plusher restaurant. You don’t talk loudly in an upmarket Cantonese restaurant, do you?

IMG_8408Having said that, we were immediately reminded that Sin Mei Tea is just a cafe when daiso plates were used, but as long as the cakes are delicious, presentation is secondary. This Earl Grey Angel Cake was so soft, slightly fluffy yet dense. Its texture – reminiscent of our Kueh, is pretty addictive as it is lightly infused with the aromatic earl grey fragrance, that is beautifully accompanied with the smooth mascarpone cheese.




sm1And yes, their signature, super instagram worthy Sizzling Matcha Brownie was ordered! Not knowing the objective of the hotplate, except to get the intense matcha sauce sizzling, I thought this was more of a gimmick rather than a taste enhancer technique. Still, it was fun getting to witness the visual and sound effects while getting the Matcha brownie drenched in Matcha sauce! Great thick Matcha flavour over here, as you get an overwhelming dose of it from both the dense brownie and sauce, complemented by the melting vanilla ice cream on top!

Mains are served as well but the desserts are legit.


A satisfied selfie after the 2nd meal!

Verdict: A good cafe.


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