Dim Sum Icon – When Gudetama takes over the world with its cuteness!

Dim Sum Icon

Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Exit R, The One shopping mall Lvl 3

IMG_8428It was only recently that I was introduced to gudetama, the super lazy looking yolk. Not exactly gushing with cuteness at first glance, this Japanese-origin anime character (only Japanese can come up with such things in this world, don’t they) actually grew slowly on me and it was in plan B to visit this gudetama-themed restaurant in Hong Kong. Many including myself, would have brushed this off as another cute/ig-worthy-but-disappointing-food-place again and is definitely not worth the 45min wait that we had; which amazingly turned out to be a cute-yet-delicious-restaurant. And service was also very courteous when compared to HK standards, while the waitress speaks with an endearing accent. I reckon it must be the Japanese cuteness syndrome taking over everyone here!



IMG_8432So, lets bring on the instragram-worthy dim sum first that will make anyone swoon at first sight – the Gudetama egg yolk buns! HKD $49. We could, unfortunately, not stop its thick creamy yellow nosebleed as they were bursting at the seams already! Thick, creamy, yolky lao sha there, that could easily satisfy the famished!

IMG_8426You know you just love gudetama staring in your face once you start getting everything with its emblematic face – the gudetama prawn dumplings. HKD $49. I wonder what colouring do they use for that intense yellow, but prawns in these slightly thicker skin are legitimately fresh!


IMG_8420Alright, lets take a short reprieve from gudetama’s face and here we got the Squid cakes with Apricot and cheese. Fried to a beautiful crunch with an almond overcoat, the thick melted cheese encased beautifully by the succulent and springy squid turned this otherwise more traditional dish into a pleasant, umami fusion! Yums! HKD $39.


IMG_8424Deep-fried minced chicken dumplings – Usually taking the shape of a boring blob, this was instead perfectly shaped into a carrot, that makes it more fun to eat but might be too endearing to be bitten onto. HKD $29.

IMG_8434To fill us up further, the steamed rice with chicken and cordyceps flowers was ordered and were injected with much vibrant colours from the garnishes. Tasted a bit of tenderiser in it, but the dish was sufficiently fragrant to pull it off. HKD $42.

IMG_8429Lets get back to our theme again and this Gudetama fried rice with Bacon, was surprisingly infused with the wok hei fragrance. Delicious especially so when you realised that healthy brown rice was mixed into the bowl of fried rice to give it an extra chew. Yums! HKD $69.

And so I conclude, not all themed restaurants are in to rip you off as Dim Sum Icon has clearly displayed a conscientious effort in making their seemingly facetious food taste delicious! A little bit of miss there as they tend to make their skin slightly thicker but I guess the overall experience has far surpassed our expectations!

Verdict: A good restaurant. 


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