Mott 32 – Exotically high quality dim sum which reminds me of Yauatcha

Mott 32

Central MTR Exit K, inside Standard Chartered Building

Located in the modern Standard Chartered building, Mott32 is perhaps the first upmarket Cantonese restaurant that has decided to do away with all the oriental furnishings. The route into it could also be one of the most exaggerated ones as a glitzy journey has already been planned; down the long flight of stairs and escalator, that are lined with mirrors and only mirrors, projecting a seemingly infinite number of reflections.


m1Without any single hint of oriental furnishing, it may be difficult to feel that you are indeed in a Cantonese restaurant until some roast duck hung at the open kitchen counter comes into sight. And this reminds me of the beloved Yuatacha and Hakkasanwhose interior clearly panders to gwei lou. Uncannily, food over here is as modernly plated and delicious; with very much similar vibes exuberated by these restaurants.


IMG_8442-001The signature Crispy Sugar Coated BBQ Spanish Teruel Pork Bun was simply perfect. After Tim Ho Wan has invented such sugar coated baked char siu bun which proved too popular to be ignored, many  have tried emulating and ‘perfecting’ the recipe. Mott32 is one that has pulled off with its own rendition as its skin retained the fluffiness and there’s an evidently perfect balance of sweetness between the char siew and sugar overcoat. Yums! HKD $60.


IMG_8441-001Next up that got us swooning over was the Barbeque prime Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey. Limited to just a few servings daily, we made sure we placed our orders as quick as possible. So disconnected the meat fibres are that it tasted super tender; a conscientious tenderising technique is apparent here without the use of any chemicals. And beautifully finished off with a lightly sweet honey glaze, we raved about this char siew for quite a while, even on the verge of getting another slab if only there was S$2000 to spend. HKD $295.

IMG_8447-001Siu Mai – Kurobuta Pork, Soft Quail Egg and Black Truffle. I was not as intrigued by the black truffle as the Quail Egg that was positioned nicely in this pasty siu mai. It was an initial bland taste which builds up really quickly when the heavier tasting quail egg yolk gets exposed and combines perfectly with the truffle scent. Very unique, queer yet delicious. HKD $60.



IMG_8451-001Soup Dumpling, Conpoy and Diced Seafood. Usually already served in a soup in most restaurants, this huge Dumpling was prepared differently at Mott32 with the decadent broth contained within. Transferred to a bowl, break it open and there we go – fresh lobster, diced seafood. So refreshingly delicious this intense stock is, especially when paired with a little vinegar! HKD $95.


IMG_8460-001Prawn Cheung Fen with Crispy rice paper. By now, most would know this has always been my top favourite when it comes to dim sum. Fresh, succulent prawns served definitely while the crispy rice paper wrapped around it was thin, fragrant and incredulously crispy. HKD $80.

IMG_8462-001No, its not the shell of a lobster but really a simple dessert made highly detailed. Crispy egg flour made refreshingly sweet with the yuzu-infused honey. HKD $55.

Well, I say trust the waiters there as 50% of the dishes ordered was recommended by the very knowledgeable and helpful waiter. A wide range tasted and we were both super satisfied with the outstanding quality. Indeed, Mott32 has given elegant Cantonese food a different but splendid definition!


m2Some facetious shots after the exciting meal…

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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