Singapore Top Young Chef FINALS 2015 – The first in Sg

Singapore Top Young Chef FINALS 2015

Temasek Polytechnic

yc7Could you have already recognised some of the familiar faces that have popped on tele before? The top 6 young chefs, all under the age of 25, have emerged as victorious finalists already even before the start of the inaugural Singapore Top Young Chef FINALS 2015. For the first time in Singapore, such a competition was organised by the Singapore Junior Chefs Club to allow young aspiring chefs to exhibit their creativity and take on culinary techniques. (If you could remember, one of them was the winner of one of the episodes in Neighbourhood Chefs 2).


yc2 yc4

yc5 yc6
A tour round the huge open kitchen and you could feel that the heat is on (literally), uncannily whisking us back into one of Masterchef’s episodes. Contestants rushing back and forth their stoves; checking on their sides to make sure that they are not burnt while the next dish is being prepared, and having to pace the diner’s courses (20 minutes for each), I reckon precision and accuracy could perhaps be of utmost importance in this heated competition.

yc3You could see it already when the unfinished products of the different courses are all placed on the stove, waiting to be chronologically completed.

IMG_8503 IMG_8512And here we are, in the comfortably chilled room awaiting for the participants’ courses with much anticipation.



IMG_8505 IMG_8506During the whole competition, the finalists were all given the same ingredients throughout and it really is up to their creativity and confidence to provide their diners the most exceptional experience!

y10Surviving against all odds, the last standing female chef from Restaurant Portico (which coincidentally is one of the more memorable restaurants I’ve been to) in the final 6 emerged as the victorious winner! Her peculiar menu with the Wasabi hollandaise Salmon starter had caught my attention and vote already even without trying it out! Congratulations to Sherine while the great effort and passion exuberated from the other contestants were absolutely commendable.

A really excellent initiative suggested by the Singapore Junior Chefs Club I felt as this not only raises more awareness, but also instill greater confidence in young budding chefs that it is never too young to shine, especially in the culinary arena where there seems to be an entrenched mindset that experience counts. So well done!

Thank you Jenny for the kind invitation to such a rewarding event!


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