MexOut – Healthy and brisk Mexican food for the CBD!


MBSFC Tower 3 #02-05

mo2I reckon brisk, inexpensive eateries that serve healthy yet still delicious food is fast becoming the trademark of the food scene in the CBD area, judging from the recent spate of openings. And just alone in the huge tower 3 of MBSFC, a couple of such restaurants could already be easily spotted on the second floor, with MexOut being the newest tenant, that has just officially opened few days back.

IMG_8544Widely known for their distinctive herbs and wide-ranging dips, MexOut has prepared a luscious range of Mexican dips for us, out of which the avocado-based guacamole is most commonly used as a complement in their dishes which should pander greatly to the health conscious.

IMG_8549Starting off with the Fried fish taco, the creamy tasty chipotle slaw helped to lift the overall taste of the golden-battered snapper fillet into the heavier-tasting spectrum, making it a great comfort food. $6 for 1.

IMG_8555And this is when the Guacamole mania kicks off! Salad bowl with pulled pork topped with a spicy salsa picante. Not just simply braised and made savoury, orange juice was thoughtfully utilised in the process that gives a light refreshing citrusy cut to the heavier tasting pork. $11.90.


IMG_8558Another interesting observation should obviously be the way in which these foods are plated as these mass tins would definitely make a Sg male reminisce, the days when the forests are our homes. But the food in it is definitely much better, as the Burrito Bowl with pulled pork greatly satisfies the savoury stomach. Topped with the heavy, zesty salsa, this burrito bowl is indeed a refreshing one. $11.90.


IMG_8551And if you are unsure of the best ingredients to be added to your burrito, then get the “most popular burrito” that has already been thoughtfully curated with the most representative Mexcian complements. $11.40 for a small. $13.90 for a large.

IMG_8554And this is an exemplary marriage between the sweet mango pineapple salsa and the savoury pulled pork. Incongruent ingredients they may seem intially but actually worked seamlessly as the sweeter mango enhances the flavour of the pork. $11.90 for 3 or $8.90 for 2.


IMG_8552The most favourite dish of the day, unanimously went to the sliced steak & Chilli Jam! Beautifully infused with the distinctive herbal aroma, these tender NZ beef slices were beautifully roasted to render a pinkish hue within and the Chilli Jam topping gave the final kick this dish would have all required! $9.

So wait no longer if you are still looking for a delicious Mexican hideout in town as MexOut has provided one of the most convenient and value-for-money options. And if you are too busy with the numbers on your office computer screen, MexOut does provide delivery service as well!

Thanks to Marcus for the lovely invitation!

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