ATUM Desserant – when your desserts literally get splattered on your table mats

ATUM Desserant

Causeway Bay MTR, Exit C

IMG_8470This could perhaps be one of the hottest patisserie in town now, as ATUM Desserant’s booking list was full for the whole day as the owner was going through it with me with our abrupt turn up. Lucky for us and our overly fluid schedule, they were cancelled on by a trio and could thus usher us in for the 2.45pm slot. I figured out how it works here – book your preferred slot and yes, there’s a timing to it as you could only savour for a sufficient 1.5h. Energetic service, good turn over rate, constantly fully booked, they must be a big hit in town!

IMG_8464Our welcome guava juice just before the start of the action.


IMG_8466And I reckon, they seem to have one of the most sophisticated tea brewing apparatus for a dessert place. Behold the rose infused tea round bottom flask as it will surge to the cylindrical flask filled with strawberries and rose petals when it boils, and subsequently returns to the RBF upon cooling. I guess the trick behind this is the difference in pressure. As it boils the vapour pressure build-up in the RBF drives the liquid quickly up to the cylindrical flask. And as it cools down, pressure equilibrium is slowly attained which results in a steady trickle back to the RBF. Well, enough of the science as the tea served over here are more importantly of premium quality!

IMG_8471 IMG_8472

IMG_8474 A2

Ingredients: Super dark chocolate jelly (that looks a little like pig’s blood), caramelised honeycomb, super dark chocolate crisps, freeze-dried raspberry crisps with a sour tang, white chocolate, and some yuzu mochi, nicely finished with the yam, strawberry and caramel blobs! Cryogenically cooled charcoal and raspberry sorbet were lastly added on with the strawberry dragon’s beard. Very elaborate dessert with just a little too much going on actually – but I reckon that’s the whole point of it.


IMG_8475What else to choose but the signature Improvisation (Serves 2), that was ordered by literally everybody round the counter table. HKD $348. Splattered deliberately on your table mat, there really isn’t a pattern to how this dessert is presented. Done pretty much free style as long as you get all the ingredients stipulated, everybody does indeed get a unique design. And when asked by the reticent but super friendly desserant Nikkie on the words that we would like to be written, we suggested the first ever ‘HK Atum’ selflessly. Looking startled as this is a first, some other staff actually came over to take a quick shot of it. We are proud of our (suggested) creation. So friendly we were that R made a hilarious joke when he asked Nikkie what happens if we didn’t like the design. Looking slightly lost for words, I taught her to utter ‘too bad’.

IMG_8480 IMG_8479It’s stated in the rules, everyone has to get a minimum of 1 dessert. And so the bamboo charcoal was decided; raspberry sorbet, Dark Choc chips and charcoal ice cream – that was a little similar to what we had previously. HKD$138.

A1A crazy, knee-knocking view from the ATUM Desserant balcony.

A lovely and unique experience indeed at ATUM Desserant as we have never eaten from the table before. But a highly legit question popped into our minds, “Would we return again having already had the entire experience?” Well, we spotted their regulars during our session.

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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