Via Tokyo – The Matcha ice cream that hardly melts

Via Tokyo

Causeway Bay MTR station Exit F1

v1Judging from the enormous crowd that they are receiving, Via Tokyo could have easily opened a second branch ‘without any qualms’ but might perhaps have been held back by logistic issues such as the skyrocketing rental over here. Oh well, then so be it, as you just have to wait in line patiently for your unique serving of Matcha.


IMG_8481What is more atypical of this Matcha soft serve is that the air sacs within have been squeezed out to near completion, rendering it a really dense, substantial blob of Matcha Ice cream. Devoid of air bubbles, this matcha soft serve takes double or thrice the time before it disintegrates into its liquid form and I say this is the thickest that I have ever tasted. In addition to the witty technique, their commitment to using only quality Hokkaido milk (as you could see an overwhelming stack of them at the window display) is evidently also the key ingredient to their success. With a couple of combinations available on the menu, we picked the one embellished with matcha-flaked mochi and an adequately sweet mash of red bean. Delish!


IMG_8488And mainly served as a coffee-based dessert, this is the first Matcha Affogato seen where you lash your thick ice cream with the warmer sweet Matcha sauce. Melting rate accelerated while sauce didn’t add a second dimension to its overall taste, I think I prefer the ice cream bowl more (top).

IMG_8485And the final dessert of the night before the tummies call it a day, the Hojicha Cheesecake which has one of the most suffocating pores. Lightly perfumed throughout with the roasted tea aroma, the dense cheesecake was aptly cut through by the refreshing lemon sour tang.

vt1And that’s the crowd that you need to brave through in order to get your hands on the luscious matcha ice cream.

But if you are claustrophobic, then a quick takeaway would suit you better. In order to promote their other flavour, they have made every Wednesday a Hojicha soft serve day (Strictly no Matcha for that day of the week)!


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