Kaiserhaus – bringing back memories profusively


Capitol Piazza next to City Hall MRT

There was a mix of flags printed next to the dishes on the menu which is what Kaiserhaus is all about – comfort Germanic food. But for me, it was simply a reminiscence of Europe. Switzerland, Austrian, Hungary, Germany, you name it and you will somehow find similarities to the food those countries served as they all have Germanic roots with the exception of Hungary. Deluged with the memories made during those years overseas, I say Kaiserhaus is a success.

IMG_8613Most may not be too familiar with this genre of food but the flavour, its presentation and the presence of certain unmistakably Germanic ingredients definitely belong to a distinct category. Having been overseas for quite a while and visited these countries during every winter, spring and summer holiday, I say this is pretty much authentic, even though the chef has gone slightly easier on the salt without losing its essence. That is what makes it palatable to the locals anyway and it was pretty full for a Saturday lunch!

IMG_8600Goulash Soup – A flavourful broth generously filled with beef bits in it. This zesty tomato-infused broth whets the appetite beautifully when paired with the warm crusty bread by the side. $8.50.

IMG_8599Beef Goulash – My love for Goulash didn’t waver even with a similar appetiser was ordered. Braised to the perfect tenderness, these chunks of beef were permeated through throroughly by this bowl of flavourful, slightly spicier broth. Bread dumplings served at the side were also special as they seemed to have been prepared with butter and eggs in it, giving it a mushier consistency with an extra aroma. Soak up the broth if you want to with another serving of bread as it’s all worth the calories! $26.

IMG_8601 IMG_8603

IMG_8602And C got the vegetarian hell dish – Roast Pork. My favourite – the siu yok or roast pork as its wholesome, thick, crispy-looking skin would crackle crazily under your chew while the salivating sauerkraut or sour cabbage served here, has been so well fermented by the lactic acid bacteria that it simply gets your appetite ready for all the pork! $24.


IMG_8607Next, we moved into the desserts and the raspberry truffle sponge was cleverly intercalated with dense chocolate as it cleverly compensates for the slightly drier sponge. $9.50.


IMG_8609 IMG_8610

IMG_8612Apple Strudel – Stacked and laced substantially with apple slices, this strudel was real stuff. And when lashed with the creamy, milky vanilla sauce, this strudel has fulfilled its function as a comfort dessert! $10.

It was a short lunch at Kaiserhaus but everything felt authentic. From the plates used to the presentation of the food to the interior decor, you will feel that you have been whisked back to Europe momentarily (at least I was) and for the food here, really, there isn’t much to pick on. Reasonable price and you will definitely walk away with a satisfied stomach, so

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.


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