ChaoZhou porridge 潮粥 – Supper buffet at $16.80

ChaoZhou Porridge 潮粥

221 River Valley Road 238279

IMG_8582 IMG_8583

IMG_8584Cleverly situated along the town area, where most party goers would still be awake in the wee hours, ChaoZhou porridge has curated a cheap yet wholesome and delicious supper buffet for these all-nighters. Just at $16.80 for the month of October (U.P. $23.50), this must be quite a steal.

Just by glancing quickly at the one-page menu, I reckon the highly popular dishes would be the alluring Braised Delights Platter, which features the would-be-repeatedly-ordered braised duck, large intestines, pork belly, bean curd, tau pok and egg.

IMG_8595The spread that the six of us had before we started repeating certain dishes.


IMG_8586And that’s the braised platter which is the star of the night. Not trivially prepared at all, these favourites have been simmered in not just dark but light soy sauce as well for a good 8h to ensure that they have been permeated throughout with the savoury tang. Selective pig entrails such as the large and small intestines are my favourite when made right, and these were properly textured with a springy consistency! And the duck is perfectly braised to a tender bite.

IMG_8589Stir fried pumpkin with preserved radish. Beautifully simmered to render a mushy consistency, the sweetness of these plump pumpkin pieces has been adequately brought out. Savoury-sweet this final product tasted, it was easily palatable.

IMG_8590 IMG_8591Fragrant minced meat and bittergourd fried with egg. Some of the heavier tasting dishes that you would usually get at a porridge restaurant.

IMG_8593And from the fried delights platter, you would be served the dried shrimp, fried fish, ikan bilis and chinese sausage. The crispy fried fish and smooth savoury lap cheong were my favourite from this platter, so much that we ordered another bowl of lap cheong.

IMG_8596No, not forgetting the less photogenic porridge which tasted smooth and comforting.

IMG_8598Featuring over here, is just one of the many signatures offered – big sotong with homemade sauce. Steamed and then chilled, the fibres in it seem to have contracted nicely to give it a pillowy crunch. And this easily qualifies it as one of the must-order if you are not in for a buffet.

And thus, ChaoZhou porridge restaurant serves really straightforward, simple, home cooked dishes that have been perfected in many ways. From the time taken to make a braised dish, to the techniques involved in preparing its seafood, the sincerity put in by the specially sought after chefs is apparent. Great food at such reasonable prices, it should be one of the stop-overs on your list already.

Thank you Xing Yu and Madeline for the invite!


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