Li Bai – Expectedly delicious!

Li Bai

Sheraton Towers near Newton MRT

lb1Li Bai – quite the perfect restaurant to celebrate the dad’s birthday at. Slightly rushed initially, the service somehow managed to slow down and turn it into a relaxing meal eventually and I have to say service is pretty good here actually as the waitress is willing to go the extra mile to even remove the slightest layer of fat on the duck skin for my mum! Well done!


IMG_8617 IMG_8618

IMG_8616Slicing so deftly with the razor sharp knife, this Peking duck was beautifully carved while the waitress diligently wrapped the crispy skin up in the wraps. You could literally pick up the light crackling sound when the skin was being sliced. $38 for half a duck. What I like about here is its flexibility in getting a duck as no pre-order is required.

IMG_8620Crispy, glazed duck skin with a speck of leek lashed with extra duck sauce, yummy!

IMG_8625A must order for me whenever I am at a Cantonese restaurant, this char siew over here was extremely satisfying as a good slab of lean, tender meat was served. No fat was needed to give it the highly coveted tenderness. And the sauce it was drenched with was perfectly fragrant! $13.

IMG_8622Honey Pork spared ribs with salad cream – Lightly fried and then coated with the sweet savoury honey sauce. I was slightly more impressed by the salad garnish on the side as it was made very dainty-looking. $13.

IMG_8624 IMG_8627BBQ Pork bun with crispy skin – Though not looking beautifully symmetrical, the crusty sugar overcoat managed to wake our palates up with its buttery aroma. $6.

IMG_8634Steamed Scallop dumpling with vegetables – nicely decorated with wolfberries on top. $7.20.

IMG_8633And that’s the remaining deboned duck meat from the Peking Duck earlier. It may look dry and unappetisingly presented, but never judge a duck by its colour as this was absolutely tender while the aromatic marination has thoroughly permeated through.

IMG_8639Deep fried crispy prawn roll with Mango $7.20 – The tastes of the succulent prawns and juicy mango slices in it were gelled seamlessly together by the lightly sweet mayonnaise.

Stir Fried Radish cake with XO chilli sauce $8 – Stir fried to yield a crispy outer layer with a generous amount of XO sauce, these were made heavily tasting with the small shrimps and lap cheong accompanied with it.


IMG_8635Udon stir fried with seafood – You could smell the strong wok hei aroma already when this plate of udon was served form afar! Very evenly stir fried throughout with the luscious, huge fresh seafood, it was an excellent plate of udon! $26.

And so, it was really an enjoyable lunch at the small cosy Li Bai restaurant, with everything almost spot on. Quality ingredients with credible cooking techniques and a helpful service crew, Li Bai is definitely a popular spot for family get together!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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