Jamie Oliver (Forum) – My take on this supposedly outstanding second branch?

Jamie Oliver

Forum Shopping Mall near Orchard MRT

Despite receiving a crazy welcome during its debut at Vivocity, I have never had the intention of paying Jamie Oliver a visit due to the lacklustre reviews that we frequently came across during the few years in UK. True enough, the Vivocity branch has received its fair share of critiques but their recent second opening at Forum Shopping Mall has managed to garner a couple of outstanding reviews from the media… …

DSC_0758My take on it? Well, it definitely has one of the liveliest and most beautiful interior; from strings of chillis and spices strewn along the entire open kitchen to huge pumpkins and kitchenware hanging around orderly, it definitely makes its diners hopeful upon stepping into this boisterous restaurant, especially so when service is cheery as well. But, while food is decently good, we reckon that they were not exceptional and could only manage to squeeze into the lower good category of restaurants. That final decision, was due to the big miss in one of our mains – the deceptively delicious looking steak set.


DSC_0767Chicken Pizzaiola – Roasted sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, Gaeta Olives, capers and oregano. We started off well, unconventionally with a pizza main (we were famished, so no airy salad for us please) which managed to calm the hungry tummies with its crusty dough and properly moist tomato base. $24.50.

DSC_0783Special pasta of the daySalmon pasta with butter-cream sauce. Adequately moist and heavily coated with the fragrant butter-cream sauce, the al dante tagliatelle managed to satisfy the picky S. $29.50.

DSC_0772 DSC_0773



DSC_0777220g Rump steak – served with garlic and parsley butter, rainbow coleslaw with natural yoghurt and skinny fries. Deliberated for quite a while between the 220g rump steak and mushroom risotto and I reckon I could have made the wrong bet tonight! Sounding so promising with its garlic and butter accompaniment, this steak fell surprisingly flat on its taste as the fragrance was patchy. Salt and pepper luckily managed to come to its rescue. And the yoghurt dressing for the coleslaw felt interesting but was dismayingly weird. $32.

What a pity when the standard of the restaurant could not reconcile with its super upbeat environment, Jamie Oliver (Forum) has a huge potential to score but perhaps it needs to polish up its meals a little more first.

Verdict: An above average – good restaurant.

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