The Knolls – Perfect for the Occasion

The Knolls

Capella Hotel at Sentosa

If you need your space for a quiet dinner on a Saturday weekend for a special occasion, yet not want to worry that you may run into the risk of entering a mediocre restaurant, then The Knolls highly fits the bill. Located ‘far’ off the bustling main island of Singapore and the touristy bit of Sentosa, this standalone hotel guarantees class, atmosphere (as it faces the South China Sea), quiet yet not compromising on its food quality. Service is prompt, courteous and thoughtful as well, as the ratio of staff to patrons is very much balanced.


It was a bday treat for the HK friend, V, and we started off perfectly with an inviting basket of bread and biscuits. Doughy, fluffy the breads are while the crusty biscuits are aptly flavoured with specks of baked cheese and the aromatic sesame seeds.

DSC_0761 DSC_0760


We thought we have sorted out our carbohydrate fix already until we were served with the relatively heavy amuse bouche next. The silky Chicken Liver Pate though, made a really good spread for the toasts by the side and if you wish, just slather it freely on the complimentary bread!



So we decided to abandon the limited set dinner and headed straight for the more adventurous ala carte! Octopus Ballotine – The octopus was sliced to the appropriate thickness that gave it the perfect texture without the unwanted toughness while the Martini dressing managed to give this cold slab a refreshing lift. $27.


V’s starter of Open Ravioli was an Asian inspired duck and foie gras served with its bouillon (broth). $23.

DSC_0779 DSC_0771


My main – Pan Seared Seabass embellished with a beautiful array of fresh seafood ragout all arranged comfortably on a soft bed of Orzo pasta (Yeah, that’s not risotto if you are wondering). The umami came through beautifully as the sauce was reduced adequately and if you long for an even tastier flavour, then toss the aioli dollops evenly with the pasta. $44. Added a Ratatouille side to complete the mains for $12.


V’s mains of Baked Cod, did admittedly, not look too appetising with that olive mozzarella crust. $42.


A classy complimentary cheesecake for V that night which tasted light and not overly cloying. A different recipe seemed to have been undertaken over with its velvety smoothness very much enhanced.



And in order to satisfy our super sweet tooth, the intriguing Cassata was ordered that has the silkiest raspberry sorbet encased brilliantly in the freshly whipped meringue with fun chocolate balls laid within, all prepared on top of the fluffy pistachio sponge! What a meticulous dessert! $16.

I have to confess that I previously did not have a good impression on most of the restaurants at RWS sentosa except for a few (despite the grandeur and hype) but The Knolls did impress in almost every aspect. From the laid back yet classy atmosphere, stellar quality of food to the comfortable pace of service, everything was pretty much well thought through and definitely befits the restaurant for an occasion. Coincidentally, Cassia from Capella which serves outstanding Cantonese cuisine, is also one of the best oriental restaurants that I have ever been to!

Oh, and there currently is 15% percent discount for all mastercard or citibank holders to knock a significant amount off the bill!

Verdict: A good – excellent restaurant.

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