Tippling Club – One of the restaurants that came to mind after watching Burnt…

Tippling Club

Duxton Hill near Tanjong Pagar MRT

DSC_0779It has been a really long while since I’ve last walked into a plush fine-dining restaurant in Sg as I have been more interested in the new openings of the less demanding and casual bistros lately. But it was only after watching Burnt, which you will be brought vicariously through the arduous journey of a Michelin chef (acted by Bradley Cooper) could you then more thoroughly understand what the book bible meant exactly to many aspiring and ambitious chefs alike, that got me into the mood for such extravagant meals again. Having said that, Tippling Club, though doesn’t belong to the top echelon of fine-dining as that class requires more than just techniques, does indeed display modern creativity and techniques on its plates.


We chose the three course menu each for $60 which comes with a couple of teasers before ending with the elegant petit fours. First up was this creamy Tom Yum Soup that would send its spices straight up your nose with its slightly more intense sourness; Garnished meticulously with vegetable tempura and grated coconut.

DSC_0760 DSC_0764


Smoked pepper with soy sauce wasabi. What makes it appetising is ironically, its less appetising and intriguing appearance. Well-smoked crust wrapped daintily round the peppers, the wasabi pungency however did not come through, making the dollop a less exciting salty blob.


The third and final snack – the tomato based gazpacho mixed with the immiscible basil and olive oil. Armed with a Herbal taste, its strong cleansing sour tomato base helps to prepare us for the main set.


Snow Crab – Meticulously peeled heap of crab meat covered over with a thin, sweet foil of nashi pear made refreshing with speckles of fragrant herbs. So invigorating it looks and tastes that it literally could restore vitality in its diners!


The other starter Norwegian Salmon Carpaccio has been thoughtfully sliced and then reassembled back into a round mold; while a delicate balance was struck with the green dollop of yuzu that cuts non-intrusively through the oilier salmon.


Calling for a lighter meal, the Roast Corn Risotto with Basil jelly was flavoured up by the creamy corn stock.



Pan Roasted Barramundi with cauliflower cous cous and green chilli salsa. We suspected that soy sauce or the like is used over here as it uncannily felt like an Asian dish to us. Nonetheless, still a good main in its own right with the moist and perfectly cooked fish!

DSC_0788 DSC_0793


Together with its velvety smoothness, this Passion Fruit Souffle was definitely the choice when it still stood unwavering after a good whole 5min of photo taking. So sour and intense that it contrasted starkly and beautifully with the banana cake mini magnum.


Terry’s Chocolate orange was essentially everything made chocolate. Otherwise an indomitable chocolate fortress, the heavy Chocolate ganache, chocolate crumbs and dark chocolate ice cream combination was pierced beautifully through by the contrasting orange meringue.


Ending sweetly off with the Petit ThreeStrawberry chocolate, cheesecake and mont blanc!

And I say, my love for modern cooking and fine-dining has been rekindled.

Verdict: A good – excellent restaurant.

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