Mitzo – Pompous decor but what about the Cantonese mains?


Grand Park Hotel

DSC_0781Lined with huge blocks of stained glass along the corridor shone upon with club-ish lights from above, together with heavy marble tables and retro-coloured cushion seats fitted in, Mitzo seems to be conveying class while at the same time reluctant to give up the hipster element of this restaurant. Such an incongruent layout, though most probably could be attributed to the Chef’s origin from the dark Hakkasan (that won my heart over), did not pander to me, as it was way too colourful. Well, forget about the tacky colours, and lets focus on the food!


Mitzo Special Barbecued pork 蜜汁叉烧 has raised the bar! BAM! While there seems to be an implicit rivalry between certain restaurants for the best roast or char siew, Mitzo is by far, serving the best Char Siu that I have ever tasted. Serving the sweeter rendition, this has been neatly caramelised to render a thin glaze overcoat around the super crispy skin, this tenderised slab of pork is lifted to crazy heights. $18.



Black Truffle Crispy Roast Duck (Half) 黑菌脆皮鸭. Wow What do we have here – a plate that literally could rival off that from Four Seasons Singapore. Leaving the more westernised sauce aside first, this slab of duck was roasted to a wicked crackling crisp while the impeccable meat was as tender as one could have imagined. This might perhaps be the king of duck. Slightly differing from the dining companions, I do prefer my duck to be more oriental accented without a dash of truffle aroma though. $38.



Crying out helplessly from S who knows it already that when dining with guys, the detoxifying vegetables may not be ordered. So, the third meat of the day – Braised Pork Rib infused with Chinese Herbal Sauce 当归酱烧骨. While these ribs were tasty and could literally slide off the bones, the herbs didn’t come through strong enough which could have potentially raised the umami-ness of this dish.$32.



We were a little dismayed to find out that only the dim sum platter is available on Public Holidays as dim sum makes up largely their forte. Nonetheless, I was still adamant to try the steamed renditions and so we got the Vegetarian Steamed Dim Sum Platter 上素点心拼 that comes with the Turnip and Asparagus dumpling, Black fungus and vegetable dumpling, wild mushroom and truffle buns. Everything so well-executed with a delicate balance of flavours, the bun shaped into a button mushroom was the cutest of all as it got us suspecting for a moment that it really is a fungus. $18.


Seafood fried rice in XO sauce. XO 海鲜炒饭. A great finish to the delectable meal as every grain was coated evenly with the seafood umami while the freshness of the diced scallops and prawns came through strongly with its perfect consistency and natural sweetness. $18.

Mitzo has clearly proven itself to be a stop for all avid Cantonese fans out there! With almost everything spot on, if there’s only one thing that could be shout about would be the impeccable roasts! Never did I expect such unparalleled standards from the roasts and Mitzo could perhaps be eyeing for that shiny star if the guide book were to come to Sg. Lets stay tuned!

Tips: Try to avoid public holidays as most offers are not valid during those periods!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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