Sprigs – My second visit here after nearly a year; still an impeccable experience!


Purvis Street near Bugis MRT

A clean, polished dinner was yearned for at a quiet setting on a busy Saturday night and Sprigs came to mind spontaneously which I have had an excellent experience at last year. Keeping things not overly elaborated, you would quickly realise that the style over here is to marry simplicity with class. One year on, has it maintained and worked? I give a resounding yes as the solid standard in the revised menu attests.


We were greeted with a crusty, warm, herb-infused complimentary bread which expectedly went well with the usual balsamic vinegar, olive oil dip.


Flame torched Hokkaido Scallops embellished with Padron peppers, cress and miso. What a sensational starter over here as the taste of these luscious scallops were elevated cleverly by the really light miso mix here without overpowering its natural freshness and sweetness. I suspect that all the three starters on the menu would have been brilliantly prepared. $22.



Line Caught Black Cod with Saute potatoes. Lashed with the umami tasting bonito sauce and flakes, this familiar cod fish reminded me of the beautifully steamed fish we usually encounter at a wedding banquet, that are always perfectly marinated with the aromatic soy sauce. The taste was close but the slightly more Japanese + westernised slant over here gave it an extra edge. $40.


New Zealand Rack of Lamb topped with Aubergine Caviar and saute potatoes. This plump rack of lamb, sous vide, has retained almost all its juices in when done medium rare, without a trace of game at all while the aubergine caviar was thoughtfully prepared with light chilli spices to cut through this heavier tasting dish.



Chocolate Mi-Cuit (Lava cake) with Yuzu and pomelo. Just before you dismiss this as another badly done non-flowing lava cake; contrary to the entrenched common belief, the more viscous lava cakes are actually prepared by quality chocolates. Solid, decadent and rich, the rendition over here definitely doesn’t flow while the yuzu flavour blended into it managed to cut through beautifully the decadence without taking centre stage. I reckon this as one of the best lava cakes ever had this year. $12.

And the second meal at Sprigs was indubitably yet memorable again. Simplicity conveyed; Quality checked; You can’t help but look forward to what the chefs have up their sleeves next.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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