Wrap & Roll – When Vietnamese cuisine becomes more upmarket

Wrap & Roll

Changi City Point near Expo MRT

Wrap n rollYes, you’ve heard it right. Wrap & Roll, a Vietnamese chain in Sg, will be launching a new semi fine-dining Vietnamese menu soon. Not only that, at the price of $88, wine lovers will get the chance to binge freely on the limitless pourings of wine that have been thoughtfully paired with each different course. From the lighter appetisers to the heavier mains, the wine paired also gets progressively darker. Lets have a glimpse at the menu.

IMG_8727Steamed prawns in coconut juice and shavings; it was quite a refreshing combination as a starter, savoury yet punctuated by sweetness from the milky coconut juice.

IMG_8732Vietnamese Crab and Corn Soup. This clearer broth though was emanating a heavy crabby aroma, it could have been enhanced into a stronger, refreshing bowl by cutting it through with some zesty citrusy elements.

IMG_8735Looking christmasy with its techniques done right, the Grilled chicken stuffed with assorted herbs was roasted to a perfect tender consistency.

IMG_8748And for the penultimate course, you get 2 choices to choose from. Presenting the Beef Cheeks with Pho Soup reduction first, this could have been a hit if two elements were done proper – the soup reduction to effectively concentrate the flavours and the beef still retaining its juiciness, which unfortunately were not discovered in this slightly lacklustre pho.

IMG_8751The other choice, apparently the better of the two, was the Vietnamese braised Crispy Duck Leg that was covetingly moist and tender! It was a shame though, that it is lacking of sauce!

IMG_8755And that Ginger Ice Cream with Fresh Berries and Cookie Crumble did end the meal nicely with its velvety smoothness, permeated through thoroughly with the pungent ginger aroma.

Being their maiden attempt in semi fine-dining, I guess this was supposedly meant to be a straightforward meal, all in the simple spirit of showcasing traditional Vietnamese food through less complicated techniques. The meal was decent, but not exactly satisfying when it is being tagged at $88++. Of course, it could still be well justified by the free-flow of pretty good wine served. Nonetheless, knowing the receptive boss well, we believe that the misses should be ironed out in no time. And do take note that the menu will be changed periodically to sharpen the chain’s creativity!

Thank you Jacintha for the invite!

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