Jen Tanglin Hotel Club Lounge breakfast

Jen Tanglin Hotel

Not exactly near Orchard MRT

DSC_0798An invitation from H to the newly refurbished Jen Hotel at Tanglin for a tranquil, not so run-of-the-mill breakfast at the Club Lounge. A fresh coat of paint is what you will sniff out the moment you step onto the 17th floor as we prepare hopefully for a hearty breakfast. Two choices her stayers could choose from, you could either opt for a slightly more American breakfast with a continental touch at the Club Lounge or the sinful, delicately made local fare buffet at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen. Craving for some scrambled eggs that famished morning, the choice was pretty straightforward.

DSC_0789Stepped in, skipped the pastries and straight we went for the American section, which wasn’t a difficult choice when you are on an empty stomach and needs something savoury.


DSC_0788Enamoured with the sauteed mushrooms greatly that have been perfumed throughout with a luscious herbal scent, we went for more servings while the fluffy scrambled eggs, at the same time semi-runny, made a good spread for the untoasted bread. A traditional fare all done very well over here I say, as the simplest roasted potatoes had a light crisp on its outside.


Pretty hard to resist this pot of fluffy eggs!


And a very small flavourful Cantonese fare by the side!

DSC_0793But of course, the usual favourites such as the ham, bacon and sausages were also not to be missed to complete your hearty American Breakfast.

DSC_0794And the final perk of dining on the 17th floor, isn’t any spectacular or panoramic view but one that is ironically serene for a bustling city like this, that would start your day off perfectly!

A relaxing, delicious breakfast at a good vantage point packaged with a spacious and cosy, slightly hipster-ish room that H invited me to pay a visit to; with all these in place, it is pretty apparent that this could be one of the hot spots for a simple staycation!


How can I leave here without goofing around for a bit! =)


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