The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill -Perfect execution and fun service!

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill

One Fullerton near Raffles Place MRT

DSC_0755Loving it already the moment we set our feet into The Pelican Seafood Bar as you would be greeted first with a showy, gaudy bar counter while not going unnoticed, how this restaurant is laced with the comfy cushion fitted seats. A wide angle photo beckons upon such a beautiful interior. And what makes it an even lovelier dining experience, is how personal the service is rendered over here at Pelican. Fun, chatty, not superficial yet not at all intrusive, this could perhaps be one of the better services we’ve come across so far in our dining escapades as you know they sincerely want you to enjoy your time here.


DSC_0779We didn’t come here just for desserts but pardon me to start off with this decadent blob of Whoopie Pie first! Not exactly for the faint hearted but definitely THE dessert for all chocolate fans (almost everyone I guess) out there. Frankly, this pie was one of the major reasons why I wanted to visit Pelican. Heavily infused with dark chocolate, the light bitterness in the sponge complemented the sweetness in the rich chocolate cream within, and dusted with some gold, this came shimmering. $16.


DSC_0763I have wanted the Poached Lobster, all due to my soft spot for it but luckily the waiter kept recommending the Old Fashioned Crab Cakes as we were floored by the taste. Stuffed substantially with shredded crab meat in it, the creamy and slightly sour pickle slaw successfully cut through the dish to give it a refreshing touch. $24.

DSC_0766DSC_0768Glacier 51 Toothfish, embellished with the brioche crust, olive, saffron corn sauce. Impeccable fish with an excellent texture while the corn sauce served was a good company, lifting the overall taste of the creamy fish. The brioche layer though, should be the harder element to manage as this dish only allows a thin layer, slightly thicker and it could turn the tables with its drier crust. This is still pretty good but on the verge of being a little thick. Nonetheless, still a splendid main! $45.

DSC_0772DSC_0776Daily Catch – Grilled Abalone with Celeriac puree and eggplant chips! What a catch we got that night! Indubitably one of the freshest and springiest abalone we had whose taste was delicately lifted by the creamy vege puree and lightly fried aubergine chips without overpowering the natural sweetness and freshness of the abalone. And we were told they came fresh from New Zealand and the shells are for us to keep.

Yeah, so 4 dishes and that left a deep impression indeed with everything spot on. I believe the whole menu has been perfected already. And we were bade farewell warmly by the crew upon leaving.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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