Ippudo Express – Only available at Changi T3

Ippudo Express

Changi Airport T3 transit area

DSC_0767I know, it gets quite annoying when one of the restaurants on your to-try list gets trapped in the transit area of Changi Airport. Reminded by the Japan trip, we heralded it with Ippudo Express and it started off well indeed. A small pop up stall at the open area shared amongst other eateries, we could see quite a number of Japanese customers queuing up for it already and we know why. Before dismissing Ippudo Express as just another ramen joint, the Singapore team has ensured the exclusivity of each branch and right over here, it’s the Japanese flavoured French Baguette and Spicy Soba (I think) that are driving its character!

DSC_0755DSC_0760Maze Soba – what an exciting bowl to start off the meal! Soba was of the perfect al dente consistency, with an adequate amount of umami coming through, cut through beautifully by the mild spiciness and topped by an impeccably runny poached egg. With so many flavours running through, this is a highly recommended bowl if a more daring bowl is being sought after. $8.90.

DSC_0758DSC_0759Hakata Tonkotsu – Expectedly delicious like its other branches outside, this thick, creamy, highly concentrated tonkotsu broth was filled with ramen of the perfect consistency. $6.90.

DSC_0766Only served at Ippudo Express, 4 Japanese influenced sandwiches are available; I reckon the dips do give it a stronger Japanese slant. From the Beef Sukiyaki with Onsen Tamago Dip ($6.90); Chicken Sandwich with Japanese Curry Dip ($7.90); Chicken Sandwich with Teriyaki Dip ($7.90) to the Shrimp Sandwich with Sweet Chilli Mayo Dip ($7.90), the lighter Shrimp was Chosen. Crusty bread, with a thin spread of fragrant butter, squished with a generous filling of crunchy Mayonnaise shrimp, they definitely went well with the lightly flavoured mayo chilli, that accentuated its creaminess. Simple, conventional flavours but a combination that worked, it was a hearty meal.

And if you are not flying off or landing at Terminal 3 but would like to have a go at this place, you could hop on the sky train to send you over.

Verdict: A good eatery

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