Bridge – A revamped Brunch menu

Bridge Cafe

Near Cityhall MRT

IMG_8811It has been a long hiatus since my last cafe post as it seems that with cafe food, the creativity in it has started to plateau off quite a long time ago while the more stellar ones though still delicious are sometimes a little too predictable with the ‘limited’ brunches that could be on the menu. Bridge, a relatively newer cafe, whose creed seems to be serving up quality dishes with precision cooking, did score in their food, but was still unable to satiate my desire for a bolder or hearty brunch. Having said that, it is still a good cafe in its own right and I believe, would still be able to satisfy your tastebuds.

IMG_8810Pumpkinoa – Organic quinoa, carrot vinaigrette, roasted rosemary pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese. $16.

IMG_8799IMG_880162 C Egg – Sous vide egg, truffle mash potato, sauteed wild mushrooms, chicken jus, prosciutto di parma, sourdough, seasonal truffles. $19.

IMG_8808IMG_8807The Lobster – Lobster, scrambled eggs, baby spinach, bacon, mesclun with truffle honey vinaigrette. $36.

IMG_8803A-S-S – Avocado scramble, sourdough, smoked salmon, tomato and corn salsa, mozarella, tobiko cream. $20.

IMG_8817Marine Fregola – Pan seared teriyaki salmon, organic fregola salad, citrus and ponzu dressing. $22.

IMG_8820Red Sea – Spicy tomato based capellini, crispy baby squids, pan seared sea bass. $20.

IMG_8814Truffle Honey Toast – Berries, vanilla sour cream, cinnamon sugar, truffle honey, salted milk ice cream. $18.

Thank you Eleanor and Lawrence for the invite!


One thought on “Bridge – A revamped Brunch menu

  1. Cephas Teo says:

    Bridge Cafe, Restaurant & Bar
    31 Seah Street
    Singapore 188384!
    Operating Hours:
    1500-2300 hrs (Tue-Thu)
    1500-0100 (Fri)
    1100-0100 (Sat)
    1100-1700 (Sun)
    Closed on Mondays

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