Lipton TeaHouse リプトンティハウス店 – So hearty!

Lipton TeaHouse リプトンティハウス店

Shijo Teramachi-dori, Kado, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture near Kawaramachi station

If not for the fabulous experiences at the Japanese cafes (Hoshino Coffee, Watanabe Coffee, Muji Cafe etc) opened recently in Singapore, I could have regrettably skipped this genre of ‘Japanese cuisine’ during this trip to the Kansai region. Not strictly Italian fare, the cafes here however, have cleverly turned it into a successful tantalising Italian-Japanese hybrid. And Lipton TeaHouse, though was a random cafe we chanced upon that rainy night, left us with an extremely satisfied tummy thereafter. Not stingy in serving, yet presented with perfected techniques and creativity, this is definitely a place highly recommended.


DSC_0881Western Style bento. It was almost impossible to resist such an oxymoronic item on the menu. As without a hint of Western plating, the chef has undertaken the 5-colour rule to turn it into a beautiful Japanese bento. Served in the bento: A plump breaded salmon, creamy stuffed croquette, juicy beef hamburg steak complemented with the impeccably poached egg with Japanese rice at the side topped with the lightly sweet chestnuts (once again, the evident subtleties in Japanese cooking), al dante flavourful speghetti with saute shrooms. The most expensive set on the menu at ¥1800 but with so many going on, this could be the heartiest of all too!

DSC_0878DSC_0876Seasonal Vegetables, Shrimps and avocado salad. A huge bowl of crunchy greens, with huge cuts of creamy avocado, lashed with a refreshing sauce, completed with a net of flaky cheese above, this was a simple but impressive huge bowl! ¥980

DSC_0886Roasted Tottori-grown pork chop with demiglace sauce. Lip smacking slab of pork here, made even heavier tasting with the thick demiglace sauce. ¥1280

DSC_0891Kyoto wazuka matcha and black soy bean waffle. With a slew of waffles available, the battle was really down to trying newer, bolder flavours such as the special mont blanc, or sticking to the largely favourite Matcha one that could hardly be found back home (Or even if there is, isn’t impressive at all). And the Matcha prevailed. Crispy outer layer while the fluffy sponge within is heavily stained with the green Matcha. Fabulous taste on its own that is beautifully completed with the decadent Matcha ice cream! ¥980

DSC_0892And we ended the perfect meal with a moist chestnut sponge cake.

And as you might have guessed already, this is indeed a very worthy meal as the bill didn’t pass S$35 per pax. What a steal!

Verdict: An excellent cafe

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