IYEMON SALON CAFE LOUNGE 伊右衛門サロン – Polished dinner menu


80 Ogura-cho, Karasuma Nishiiru, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku | Chiso Bdg 1F, Kyoto 604-8166,Kyoto Prefecture, Near Karasumaoike station

6 months ago, during the transition into the blazing summer season, Iyemon Salon Cafe was visited for its super delectable lunch sets that are priced at an almost unimaginable affordable rate. And this autumn, we have decided to revisit it for dinner which definitely has raised the bar on our expectations for cafe food back in our own home.

DSC_0821Green Tea Miso Tofu – I reckon green tea could be used as an ingredient in almost any course, savoury or sweet, when you are in matcha fanatic Kyoto. Perfect tofu with the silkiest texture one could have imagined, the more savoury, sweeter miso has been cleverly utilised to gel the matcha bitterness together with it. ¥460

DSC_0823Red Sea Bream Carpaccio – So fresh this sea bream is, that is immaculately tossed with salt sauce, while its overall taste lifted naturally by a light citrusy drizzle

DSC_0825Iyemon salad with Matcha dressing – It’s somehow more bearable, and actually much more enjoyable eating these greens compared to the western renditions. The Japanese twist added to it, with thin slices of fried lotus, soft mushy pumpkin, and the more important appetising sauce it is tossed in help to elevate it to a must order dish at every Japanese cafe we visited this trip. ¥670

DSC_0826Matcha Pasta – Al dente matcha-infused pasta, constituting to a perfect slurp with the tangy sauce it is soaked in. Evidently, it isn’t easy to ignore any matcha dishes as rarely do we see them served in the savouries back home.

DSC_0828Kamado boiled rice with chicken topped with yuzu – Probably easily mistaken as an overuse of yuzu in almost every other dish or course in Japanese dining, especially during a traditional kaiseki, it really has become an entrenched element in Japanese cooking today. Aptly used, and it turns this into a calming, subtle tasting dish. However, a slight miss over here as more chicken could have been provided. ¥1220.

Once again, Iyemon salon Cafe has evidently punched above its weight as a cafe.


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