Fujiya 1935 – The outstanding meal that Christmas reminded me of!

Fujiya 1935 

Japan, 〒540-0026 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, 中央区鑓屋町2-4-14

DSC_1203As my previous michelin kaiseki experience seems to suggest that the flavours in Tokyo are much bolder and electrifying than the Kansai region, we took a gamble and decided to break away from tradition. Paid a visit to a Spanish-Japanese fusion Michelin restaurant this time round, and it was the best Michelin experience during this entire trip, partially due to our familiarity with the Kansai palates that made those meals, good in their own right but slightly less exciting. Fujiya 1935***, one of the four restaurants in Osaka with the highly coveted three stars, was where the memories were made. With only one menu that changes seasonally, this Autumn one ¥15000 took us through an exhilarating ride that lasted for 2.5h, after which we could only crave for more.

DSC_1202Longtooth Grouper from Nagasaki and Shimonita Leek – Simmered together with tomatoes and a little bit of olive, this broth, perfumed thoroughly by the sweetness of the grouper, tasted light yet extremely refreshing.

DSC_1206Soft Cod Roe and burdock with Autumn truffle – With a little bit of chilli spice cutting through the heavier burdock soup, the flavours of the fried burdock and flamed cod roe has been lifted beautifully.

DSC_1215Spaghetti, Tanba wild boar and carrot sauce – It was only a small tasting portion but the porky umami-ness exuding from the light creamy spaghetti was unforgettable.

Sandwich of Shitake Mushrooms – Slotted in between these wheat biscuits lies a creamy slather of heavy-tasting mushroom fillings.
Fried Lotus root, Ginko nuts, mukago – It might be a fried dish, but definitely not one-dimensional with its multiple textures within it.

DSC_1212This isn’t any usual bread and butter. Firstly, the lighter one has been prepared from soya bean and sesame (goma) which definitely ticked while the other is astoundingly concentrated from pork lard. It may be hard to understand the point of eating a slab of solely saturated fats but imagine a bowl of tonkotsu ramen stock concentrated into a spread, and you will be floored. Secondly, this rotund bun was served on a hotstone, as its slightly elevated temperature could help to melt the pork lard better, providing a more even spread.

DSC_1226Abalone from Hokkaido, Sweet Cabbage – Tasting slightly rawer to me, the earthiness in the hokkaido abalone didn’t pander to our palates but tasted much better when eaten together with the genuinely sweet cabbage.

DSC_1228Capellini of Watermelon Radish – This cold dish tossed lightly with pesto and embellished with mint leaves, served as a palate cleanser we reckon.

DSC_1233Venison from Hokkaido, Beetroot red sauce – Visually not the most outstanding as it seems like we are eating straight from a carcass, the lightly pan grilled venison was still delectable with its juices retained within while its heavier taste has been cleverly cut through by a pinch of mashed peppercorn.

DSC_1237Comice Sherbet – This pear sorbet floored us all with its refreshing, naturally sweet smooth iciness; literally a large yellow pear turned sorbet. And freshly piped into this buttery refine waffle, the chilled and addictive vanilla cream helped to gel all the elements seamlessly together.

DSC_1240Strawberry and Meringue – As the entertaining snowman there cracked us up, this was another spectacular dessert, perfect for this Christmas season. With Meringue turned into multiple textures – snowman, flakes and including the gelato at the side, mixed together with some salted crumbs and strawberry sauce, this is not only a brilliant art piece but also a very outstanding dessert!

DSC_1251These petite crusty donuts were flavoured beautifully with the richly infused roasted hojicha cream. So good!

Jelly of Mosto (what it is called before turning into balsamic vinegar) – Lightly acidic, this is balanced cleverly again with the sweeter cream above.

DSC_1244And the arty coffee and tea set.

Clearly, Fujiya 1935 has all it takes to uphold that 3 shiny stars and on the top of the already marvelous savories, we find the desserts even impeccable and the pastry chef deserves to be applauded for. Creativity seen, daring taste delivered, Fujiya 1935 was the best meal this Kansai trip!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant

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