Casa Tartufo – Fully Truffled set lunch for just $38

Casa Tartufo

The Scarlet Hotel 33 Erskine Rd, 069333 near Telok Ayer MRT, Tanjong Pagar MRT

IMG_8877Casa Tartufo or The house of truffle as its name suggests, compelled us to try everything truffled on the set lunch menu and we reckon it is bang for the money!

IMG_8878You might feel a little dull when the appetiser of the day is served as the Mozzarella salad is as common as in any Italian restaurant. But unlike the usual excitement in the appetiser for most finer restaurants which quickly gets less interesting when the mains are served, Casa Tartufo is just the opposite. Normal appetiser but very big mains ahead!

IMG_8884-001Tajarin signature piedmont thin egg noodles with fresh black truffles. This softer egg noodles did have a texture similar to the Singapore rendition; not considered al dente as it has a softer consistency which is still very much delicious! Drenched in the heavier tasting gravy that has been perfumed throughout with the aromatic truffle, this was indeed a very comforting plate. And we polished it dry.

IMG_8881IMG_8882Risotto – Wild mushroom risotto, rosemary, thyme, parmigiana. Had a hard time deliberating between this vegetarian dish and a hearty roasted beef shoulder with the luscious truffle mash but red meat wasn’t on the craving list today. Heavily coated in the severely reduced truffle stock, the risotto was emanating a strong umami aroma, that had a little buttery taste in it. Very comforting risotto together with the squishy shrooms as every spoonful is so flavourful and beautifully textured.

IMG_8886Signature truffle Ice cream with sea salt – We didn’t want to get more variety as the indulgent in one whole truffle ice cream beckons and so 2 we ordered. Heavily infused with the truffle aroma yet still tasting as natural, its taste is further lifted by the sea salt and BAM, it’s one of the more memorable ice cream flavour we had this year!

IMG_8887Completed with a complementary coffee / tea with biscotti!

This could perhaps be the first truffle themed meal we had so far and instead of being bored of the repetitiveness in flavour, we were continuously excited throughout the whole meal as each truffle item does have its own distinct character. And on top of such a magnificent lunch, it only costs a whopping $38.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.



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