Mitzo – What an unbelievable decadent CNY menu for 2016!


Level 4 Grand Park Hotel, 270 Orchard Rd, 238857 , near Somerset MRT

IMG_8825Just before the jingle bells have starting ringing, Mitzo has already planned a tantalizing solid menu for the impending Chinese New Year 2016 that is just 2 short months away! Hailing previously as the Executive Chef de Cuisine at the Michelin starred Hakkasan New York City, a menu that showcases the culinary finesse of Cantonese Cuisine was not any less expected from Nicky and his team. If the history of the Hakkasan/Yauatcha conglomerate has been studied before, one would realise that they are not just another Michelin restaurant as almost all, if not all of their branches in both The States and UK have been starred. More familiar with those in London, Yauatcha, Hakkasan and even HKK were the few usually frequented when the craving arises.

Of course, having just an outstanding testimony wouldn’t suffice but having been here few months back, I was already immensely looking forward to chef’s Nick creations again!

Starting off unconventionally with a refreshing Mandarin Mojito yet not deviating from the theme, this mild alcoholic drink with a slight sour zest from the Orange Wedges would get you ready for the big meal!

IMG_8830IMG_8831风生水起 Kanpachi Kingfish yu sheng. Drawing our attention initially, the specially concocted sweet, savoury sauces are given a good vigorous mix in the cocktail shaker chilled with ice before drenching it onto the yusheng. And coming through distinctly from the nuttier mix, the brighter taste of the Kanpachi is further elevated with the fruity lychee poppings underneath! Not only is it decadent, its concept and elements used were definitely very creative!

IMG_8833IMG_8834大展宏图 Double boiled fish maw with cordyceps flower and pork rib – So clear, yet so rich in taste, this herbal double boiled soup is absolutely faultless while the clever choice in the cut of the meat allows it to retain its moist.

IMG_8836IMG_8837龙虾盆菜 Superior lobster fortune pot – What a big range of ingredients used; all distinctly prepared first before convening in this pot of rich broth as this prevents their individual taste from being watered down. Precision witnessed; the roasted pork belly still has a crispy thick layer retained while the umami from the crispy duck skin is as impeccable as you could have imagined. What caught our tastebuds most is the luscious lobster meat that has been penetrated beautifully by the premium Mao Tai wine it was braised in, that rendered it a fuller taste, easily giving this fortune pot a huge edge over many others.

IMG_8842年年有鱼 Steamed Soon hock with minced ginger in soya sauce – With precision met to the second, this soon hock has one of the best texture we have tasted. While smothering it in minced ginger may seem as an overkill, it actually desirably spices up the fish a little. But I reckon that they should be scraped off before service as it tends to mask the sweetness from the fish when eaten together.

IMG_8845花开富贵 Steamed rice with Chinese assorted sausage, chicken and mushroom – Heavily coated with the fragrant juices derived from the ingredients slathered above, the star for me is actually the seemingly simple rice underneath with its phenomenal taste.


IMG_8853鲤鱼贺年年糕 Koi Fish Nian Gao – Confession made: I had 4.5 slices of this at the already stuffed table of 8. Not overly sticky and just lightly sweet, the steamed ones form a light snack while the taste of the thinly coated fried ones were astoundingly lifted by the specially made batter!

IMG_8852Still a bar restaurant afterall, we were served with this Spring Elixir Cocktail: Red date infused gin, Campari, Red vermouth, Goji berries syrup.

Sensational was how I felt at the end of the luxurious meal; precision, creativeness and the balance in taste were all evident in every course which led to a compelling love for the whole CNY menu at Mitzo!

新春套餐 PROSPERITY DELIGHTS (4 pax) – $118++ per person
新春套餐 PROSPERITY DELIGHTS II (6 pax) – $888++ per table
如意吉祥 AUSPICIOUS HARVEST I (10 pax) – $1288++ per table
如意吉祥 AUSPICIOUS HARVEST II (10 pax) – $1488++ per table
金玉满堂盆菜宴 FORTUNE FEAST l (10 pax) – $1488++ per table
金玉满堂龙虾盆菜宴 FORTUNE FEAST ll (10 pax) – $1688++ per table

Verdict: An excellent restaurant!

Thank you Gigi for the invite!

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