GUM JENG 御前上茶 – Stronger Matcha Craze in HK


G/F, 8-10 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街8-10號地舖

IMG_8957Another instagrammable dessert spotted and just so that we could get our Matcha craving fixed, we specially got to Gum Jeng 御前上茶 after the hearty roast dinner. Do not be mistaken like us (yes, we walked up and down the street thinking that google map got us lost) as a boutique would greet you first before you could get into the cafe adjoined to it. We say, its Matcha is slightly less satisfying that those from Via Tokyo with its watered down Matcha bitterness and probably the higher concentration of air sacs trapped within that makes it a slushier soft serve.

IMG_8952IMG_8954Served with all the familiar accompaniments, this matcha platter scored in the intense matcha jelly that is made even more delicious with its springier consistency. The dango and semi red bean mash were done right but unfortunately the main lead, the Matcha soft serve could have been thicker as it just slightly lacks the punch. With its alluring presentation and pretty good ingredients by the side, this could have otherwise been a perfect matcha dessert. HKD $84. A Hojicha or mixed rendition is also available.

IMG_8955IMG_8956Well, they are much stronger in their mochi-liked dessert we suspect. This mixed matcha and yellow bean mochi were impeccable. Coated evenly with the intense matcha powder (take care not to choke on it), the bitterness was permeated throughout the bouncy jelly while the yellow bean one has a faint savoury twist added to it. Simple, not complicated but perfectly prepared with precision. HKD $48.

IMG_8950This soy bean soft serve reminded us of Mr Bean. Creamy, and resting nicely on the sweeter but crispy ice cream cone, this is a pretty good cone.

The soft serve might not have impressed but the mochi / Jelly like dessert has definitely ticked.

Verdict: An above average – good cafe.


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