Tempura Tsunahachi てんぷらつな八 – Lip smacking Tendon served here!

Tempura Tsunahachi てんぷらつな八

52 Shincho, Shijo Kawaramachi-dori Nishi-iru, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture , Inside Takashimaya Departmental Store

DSC_1008Hailing from Tokyo Shinjuku area, Tempura Tsunahachi てんぷらつな八 has made its way across 450km and landed itself in this ancient city Kyoto. No long crazy queues but just a short wait as it was operating on a full house even at 1.30pm, this was indeed a good stumble. Located at the top of Kyoto Takashimaya, it makes navigating so much easier as compared to the very hidden restaurants out on the streets. To find out more about this place, you could click here for the English site!

DSC_1009DSC_1015This tendon easily forms a satisfying bowl for hungry men like us as atop the perfectly cooked Japanese pearl rice, boasts a generous load of tempura seafood. Fried to an addictive crisp, the batter used here was a winner as it is thicker than the usual lighter tempura, rendering it a heavier taste. And as for the tantalising toppings: a huge slab of moist anago, chewy block of squid, and of course fresh succulent prawns. So beautifully fried without undermining the freshness of the ingredients, these sets were definitely worthy at ¥2400.

You could also opt for the lighter tempura set which utilises a lighter batter, still as crispy but less heavy tasting. This, just like what we normally have, goes perfectly well with the soy sauce by the side. ¥2400.

DSC_1014I’m not too sure about this as my tempura felt perfectly balanced and wholesome already but for those who wish to intensify the taste, then some interestingly flavoured salts are available by the side. Reading off from the tag of those I know, you have wasabi salt, kombu salt etc etc.

DSC_1017Yeah, a thoughtful glass of tomato palate cleanser at the end of the meal to wash the grease off!

tendon1And that’s me and the satisfied buddy! Great meeting you after half a year!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 5/5.

Afterthought: Comparing the tendon specialty store in Singapore, Ginza Itsuki, with this, I say the Sg restaurant is actually quite on par with the standard over here.

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