Oddies Foodies – Super yummy Eggette well paired with the yummy soft serve and gelato!

Oddies Foodies

149 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

12490132_10154003983793714_1918903013_oWe have seen how instagrammable that eggette (egg waffle) is with the luscious soft serve for the Nth time already; and we can attest as good as its looks, the taste is splendid! They may look simple and a liitle overpriced at HKD $60 at Oddies Foodies, but you realise it is a worthy one as it boasts almost 10 congruent elements seamlessly.

IMG_8903Being the investigative and skeptical me, the first thing that came to my mind was this better be good after going through all the mess eating it and dropping all the crumbs all over, if not it will be a double disappointment.

IMG_8904And, confidence was rendered the moment I bit into these stretchy egg waffles that has a thin layer of dark chocolate spread in it, essentially perfuming it throughout with the chocolate fragrance. Infinitely better than those rip off in Singapore, the texture has the coveted stretchiness. The vanilla chocolate soft serve was slightly different with salt added to the thick chocolate, giving it a light savoury twist which we loved. That’s not all, as you also get to choose one scoop of your favourite gelato from the counter to be added into this already delicious cup, of which we got the refreshing guava to cut through the sweeter waffle. Great match but the only gripe is that it is difficult to have the hidden gelato right at the bottom together with the waffle! Then again, this is what that makes the presentation intriguing.

12510739_10154003983833714_1732525128_oAnd that was how the bro and I genuinely felt downing this dessert after a heavy lunch. So smiley and so delicious!


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