Dim Sum Square 聚點坊點心專門店- So good So cheap, most importantly more refined

Dim Sum Square 聚點坊點心專門店

G/F., Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan

IMG_8980Priced like Tim Ho Wan, One Dim Sum (Yat Dim Sum), almost as delicious or even slightly better, yet without the ridiculous queue and with tables comfortably spaced apart, it makes total sense in every way to get down to Dim Sum Square 聚點坊點心專門店 to enjoy a local, unpretentious dim sum experience! The bro is afraid that this may go viral but that’s just the honest view we had of this less (but still) busy and equally good restaurant!

IMG_8971Minced beef and egg rice – The choice was quite clear cut when you know you have a hike (pictures of the beautiful scenery to be posted at the bottom) to surmount later in the day. A beautifully fried proteinaceous egg served with an evidently runny yolk on top of a generous patty of beefy protein bed, that is the grub needed. A light alkaline tenderiser detected in that patty which seems to be a common cooking technique in most HK dim sum places for such meat bowls; it might not suit me best but the yolk when mixed together with it, allowed me to polish off the whole bowl. Huge bowl for just HKD $28.

IMG_8973Steamed cheung fen with fried spring rolls in it. Now, this is a new dim sum I haven’t had at anywhere else. Usually blown away by a particular dish where crunchy prawns are filled into the crispy fu pi and finally wrapped by the cheung fen, this is another rendition which uses chicken meat instead of prawns. Delectable still with a substantial amount of chicken in it, flavoured up by the tangy soy sauce and the myriad of textures present. HKD $22.

IMG_8978Creamy Custard buns – As good as it looks. HKD $15.

IMG_8974Golden Spongy Cakes – Fluffy with loads of air sacs trapped within the block of Ma Lai Gou, this was adequately sweet, perfectly textured and makes a splendid dessert. HKD $14.

Looking through the menu again, I realised I forgot to try the signatures as marked (such as the Quail egg siu mai) on the menu as we were like the Hong Kongers rushing for time to get to the trekking route asap. Then again, even the non signatures were very decent and of a higher quality  than most other joints I reckon.

Verdict: An excellent restuarant. 


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