Wo Peng Cuisine 和平 – It may be old, but the CNY menu definitely not obsolete

Wo Peng Cuisine 和平

Furama Hotel near Chinatown MRT

Housed in the older Furama Hotel and a gradually turning nondescript shopping mall, this could be a place that has been superseded by the sleeker malls and gaudier restaurants. But if Wo Peng Cuisine gets into the HK market, it might be one of the traditional restaurants with longstanding histories that constantly enjoy the buzz from being one of the more ‘authentic’ Cantonese restaurant, characterised by large throngs of families during the weekends. No frills, no fusion but really just a hearty Cantonese meal and for this Chinese New Year 2016, Wo Peng Cuisine has prepared a few specially curated set menus and takeaways, just the right taste for a family feast.

IMG_9027Braised whole Abalone with Assorted Dried Seafood in Casserole. Proudly the claimant as the first restaurant to introduce Pen Choy into Singapore Chinese Cuisine, this pot was delicious. Not extensively luxurious, but drenched in the smooth, umami sauce, the beautifully braised molluscs and seafood had just the perfect consistency. And underneath these heavy ingredients lies the crunchy cabbage and perfectly roasted siu yok which has thoroughly soaked up the essence of that sauce, rendering a heavier and fuller taste indeed. $38.80++ per person for dine-in, 2 persons required minimally. Take-away: $228 NETT for 5 pax or $428 NETT for 10 pax which comes with a free stainless steel treasure pot.

IMG_9022IMG_9023Prosperity Salmon Yu-sheng. A must have in all CNY menus, the one over here makes use of vegetarian salmon that has a consistency akin to the real ones. This isn’t entirely vegetarian though as crispy fish skin is used by the side. $48 for take away.

IMG_9028Double boiled chicken soup with Ginseng, cordycep flowers and Glutinous rice. It’s pretty difficult for a veteran Cantonese chef to go wrong at this and expectedly, the soup, as intense as it looks, is emanating a deep herbal fragrance. And the Kampung chicken used over here has the springiness in its meat retained despite the long boil. $68 for takeaway.

IMG_9033Smoked and Roasted Duck with Camphor and Chinese Tea Leave. It may not have replaced my utmost favourite roast duck from some other restaurant but smoking it with Chinese tea leaves have definitely left a peculiar tea fragrance in its meat. Take away: $68 for whole duck.

IMG_9032Sauteed ‘Peach Resin’ with Egg White and Pak Choi. One of Wo Peng’s signature dishes as these ‘peach resin’ are the oozing sap collected from peach trees; quite a special ingredient indeed. Rich in collagen, it helps in beauty and gave the fluffy egg white a second dimension to its texture. Dine-in: $28.

IMG_9035Wok-fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Chinese Sausages. Made aromatic with the fried shallots and heavier tasting lap cheong, the evenly fried glutinous rice tasted right. Take away: $22.

IMG_9038Hong Kong Nian Gao. Take away: $19.80. Made fresh with coconut milk, these delicious chewy Nian Gao could only be kept for a week.
Fa Cai Carrot Cake. Take away: $18.80.

A sumptuous CNY menu offered at Wo Peng Cuisine definitely. Its furnishings may be old and seemingly outdated, but definitely not obsolete at all. Not contrived at all, the hearty dishes over here are traditionally spot on!

Thank you Hazel for the lovely invite!


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