Pasarbella Suntec – Officially open!

Pasarbella @ Suntec City

Near Esplanade or Cityhall MRT

IMG_9040While Parsarbella at the Grandstand models more closely after a Farmer’s Market that consists of a balanced number of grocery stalls and gourmet traders, the recent one at Suntec City functions more like a, if you would pardon me using the most layman term, a ‘food court’, albeit a more upmarket and hipsterish one. With 14 different stalls available all under one roof, you get a chance to taste a wide range of cuisines, spanning right across the globe as we start off from the hearty Eastern Korean Choo Choo Chicken followed by the Mediterranean Pita and Olives, then ending the journey at the States as you land yourself at Wolf Burgers or Cajun on Wheels. Which makes this a perfect dining place if the group couldn’t come to a consensus on a restaurant to hang out at. That, is the strongest point I reckon which Pasarbella is armed with – the epitome for an eclectic range of food.

  1. Choo Choo Chicken IMG_9041IMG_9050Riding on the current craze for Korean Food, Choo Choo Chicken managed to up the game with its Korean Seaweed rice that has the tangy, not overly-fermented kimchi sandwiched between which gave it a refreshing touch. All day sets available with fried chicken over here served in various flavours like soy, sweet, spicy, garlic, honey soy and sweet & sour. $12.90 for a set. This was apparently, the unanimous champion amongst all the other stalls that we have tasted, not because we are in for the craze (you know Korean isn’t my favourite).
  2. Mad Dogs Bar & GrillIMG_9067IMG_9069Beautifully braised that the meat falls off the bone effortlessly. However, the only gripe could be the oilier base it is served in which could potentially stop me from having another piece. Angus Ribeye ($25, 200g); Grain-fed sirloin ($18, 200g) and Pork Chop ($18).
  3. Squeezed! IMG_9053At Squeezed!, not only do they serve cold-pressed juices that have all the vitamins retained, lovely toasted brioche buns filled with the tasty savouries could also be found here. $4 for the toast.
  4. Wolf BurgersIMG_9062

    Soft fluffy bun, with thick patties sandwiched between. This could be a popular grub for the hungry CBD people.

  5. Cajun on WheelsIMG_9059Louisiana-style seafood cuisine served here presented in buckets of fresh crabs, mussels, clams and prawns, along with a serving of fries and cajun sauce of your choice.
  6. Rollie OlieIMG_9042A more playful Japanese place it claims with the more vibrant colours that don’t adhere strictly to the rules for a Japanese presentation; looking and tasting more fusion with American inspired sauces. Their highlights: Sunkissed Salmon roll (from $16.95) and Dos Amigos (from $14.95).
  7. Pita & OlivesIMG_9039The only mediterranean stall in the premise, Pita & Olives does indeed serve up freshly baked pita bread; fresh ingredients such as olives, tahini, chickpeas to create the wholesome Kebabs, Falafels etc. And we love that smooth hummus there in the centre.
  8. An AnIMG_9047IMG_9045For some Vietnamese Street Food, An An serves quite a spread, such as the Beef Pho, Spring Rolls and Salad. And they will be launching their Soft Shell Crab Pho soon which isn’t on the menu yet. Beef Pho set ($12.90).
  9. GrilloIMG_9063With the concept of donburi in mind, Grillo has decided to incorporate grilled seafood and seasoned meats on top of their rice bowls for a fuller meal. Menu highlight: The yuzu salmon Bowl with a house made slaw at $12.90.
  10. SarniesIMG_9070The spot for your caffeine fix which also serves up pastries and sweet treats.

IMG_90554 other stalls not tried, but that 10 was enough to send us home with a stuffed tummy. As for the quality of the food, hits and misses were as expectedly, prevalent which, given the benefit of doubt, may not be representative of the actual standard as some of the dishes were already pre-prepared to cater to the large crowd that night. Reviews equally split on their first principal branch at the Grandstand, it would be interesting to see how this second one fares as the traders over here seem to be serving up better quality food at an O.K. price.

Thank you Tessa for the invitation!

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