Meatsmith – Really beautiful smoked meats served


Near Telok Ayer or Tanjong Pagar MRT

IMG_9006With the entertainer app 1-for-1 promotions, our restaurants visited lately seem to have been determined by those present in the app. Meathsmith, being one of them, was actually a pretty random choice decided only in the afternoon and bam! we love this place thoroughly to bits after the dinner; we love the food; we like the service; and most importantly, the price was unbeatable for such quality served.

IMG_9008IMG_9011Crab and Kimchi Fritters with Dried bonito. The name itself is already screaming ‘fusion!’ in our face and the Japanese (dried bonito), Korean (Kimchi), Mexican (Jalapeno dressing) elements were all amalgamated into a homogeneous dish. Stuffed with shredded crab meat in the more starchy yet desirably chewy fritter batter, it was fried to a beautiful crisp with a hint of potato aroma somehow. And the capsaicin-containing Jalapeno and kimchi gave it an adequate spicy slant, just enough to wake your tastebuds. $13.

IMG_9012We loved the smoked cauliflower that was lightly charred, without being burnt at all while the crunchy almonds and light mayo drizzled on top added gave it an extra nutty flavour. $11.

Brisket sandwich. Pulled so evenly, this brisket was full of umami flavour, that is beautifully cut through by the pickled mustard within. The fluffy buns have also been specially prepared and glazed with a layer to yield that stretchy texture. $20.

IMG_9020Sorry for the mess, but that shows how generous the fillings are even after half has been devoured. Definitely a very satisfying grub for the hungry man. $20.

IMG_90131/2 Pork Ribs made wet. You could choose your ribs to be prepared dry or wet. The dry would have paprika sprinkled over without any sauce used while the wet would smother your meat with the fragrant barbecue sauce before sending it to the oven. Reckoning that the latter would give a more thoroughly permeated flavour (we could be wrong there), we went for the wet. And it was beautifully cooked as the tender, juicy meat fully perfumed with the traditional barbecue sauce coated the entire rib with the coveted smoky aroma, not mentioning already that the meat would just slide off the bone. $25.

IMG_9018And indeed it was a super hearty meal at Meatsmith, and together with the entertainer app, we got $20 off the bill!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.8/5

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