Mad for Garlic – What a good random choice

Mad for Garlic

Suntec City level 2 near Esplanade MRT or Cityhall MRT

IMG_9110It was a very last minute and random choice when C and I chose to dine at Mad for Garlic as the original place we intended to go to closes at 6pm. My bad for not checking that but this random choice (not exactly random as the entertainer app became the next thing to scroll through) was an excellent one we felt after the meal. Cheap, very flavourful, this garlic themed restaurant is certainly bang for the buck! Only few tables were left already when we were there at 6 even, how popular can this get when it isn’t exactly the most conspicuous restaurant along that belt.

IMG_9100Fresh Spinach Salad – An overdose of fried garlic toppings on these luscious leaves that have been flavoured up by the balsamic vinegar underneath. Not exactly the usual balsamic vinegar you get at an Italian restaurant as it has been infused with fried garlic oil that makes it even more fragrant! $15.50.

IMG_9103IMG_9106Garlic Snowing Pizza – Thinly crusted, slathered with a layer of sweet garlic sauce that gives it an addictive edge, made more substantial with the juicy diced pineapple and shrimp, and of course finished yet again by some fried garlic sprinkles! We loved this so much that C said he could actually have the whole thing on his own! $22.50.

IMG_9108Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Risotto – Beautifully cooked risotto with spinach and mushrooms that have been uniquely spiced up with some chilli seeds. Very flavourful main over here while the texture of its risotto isn’t as starchy as most other restaurants (Just saying, as this in the strictest sense didn’t undermine this dish). $22.50. We had wanted to get their signature Garliholic fried rice which we reckon will be full of wok hei, but that third main would have to be forced down our throat.

IMG_9109Ice cream with some garlicky accompaniment. Subtle in taste the garlic is, and largely just a ball of vanilla ice cream that tasted nestle-like, this fell into the O.K. category. $8.50.

Highly impressive savouries as every dish was a spot on; the garlicky menu could have already been perfected. It usually is a general conception that an overuse of garlic could tilt the balance of an otherwise multi-elemented dish, but Mad for Garlic seemed to have gone for the extreme and pushed the taste of almost every dish into the heavier-tasting region; as they became very creative with their use of garlic turning them into sweet and savoury condiments. Very astounding indeed that such a themed restaurant actually sells!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.


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