The Song of India – An Indian fine dining for your Valentine’s dinner?

The Song of India

33 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228226 near Newton MRTIMG_9128Just like a typical Singaporean or Asian Chinese, the fine-dining scene for me has been largely focused on Cantonese, Japanese and European cuisines which we are usually more familiar with. And I have to admit, this is our first ever visit to an upmarket Indian restaurant, at which we honourably got to understand Chef Mural philosophy through his specially curated Valentine’s Day Menu ($89, only served on 14/2/2016). The Song of India did indeed secure exclamations from us throughout the whole 6-course dinner. And if we think it’s all about spices, technically that’s correct as none of the dish is free of Indian spices, but to fix them all together perfectly, it could be one of the most daunting tasks (and thus, it being one of the most complicated cuisines in the world) and boy at The Song of India, they were all adequately balanced with finesse; we say, Indian cuisine has just been brought to the next level.

IMG_9131Kick starting off the meal with the green zesty cocktail and orange refreshing mocktail, they opened the meal beautifully. Zesty, piercing yet still really refreshing, the alcoholic vodka was added to the right amount to render that kick, naturally that green kiwi cocktail was my favourite!

IMG_9132Amuse Bouche – Spiced Potato Relish made into a mini burger. Fried to a perfect crisp and flavoured up with a range of spices and the pesto mint sauce, this petite burger has just made a statement.

IMG_9135Lotus Root Butter Bean Shorba, with Sesame chilli Cheese Stick and fried lotus. Definitely a good bowl of creamy soup over here, smooth and adequately buttery in texture, this was flavourful while the dash of spice helps to cut through its creaminess.

IMG_9140IMG_9138IMG_9139This was literally a huge Starter with loads of different meat served. Fish with Masala cavier marinated with mustard (perfectly baked to render that tenderness within), Roasted Quails Avocado Chat and Lamb Chop Wazvan. All were spot on, but if a choice has to be made, we love the lamp chop best that has been slowly cooked for two hours, yet its juiciness still retained while that Wazvan sauce added an exciting, thick body to it.

IMG_9141Heavy starters they are, and the chef is thoughtful enough to add a lime Kalamansi sorbet as a palate cleanser. Creamy and acidic enough the sorbet is, the earthy, spicy and nutty taste of the sprinkled cumin has helped to further lift the overall taste.

IMG_9146IMG_9144IMG_9148Main course – Chicken Deedar (slow cooked chicken stuffed with baby spinach, cream cheese), Brussels sprout and Baby potatoes, served with the Nutty Quinoa Pulao and the Assorted crispy Naan Basket (Truffle mushroom and garlic flavours). Carved into a plump heart, the meaty flavour of the mashed chicken has been further accentuated by the orange fennel yoghurt sauce.

IMG_9151Dessert – Saffron Chironji Panacotta and Lychee, pistachio Kulfi. Of which, my clear favourite was the kulfi perfumed heavily with the milky aroma while the panna cotta tasted a little too foreign to us with the more earthy ingredients used for its flavour.

IMG_9126Despite a little jittery unfamiliarity in the final dessert course, every other course was just spot on. And we have lost count just how many elements were placed on each dish that have been gelled so seamlessly together. Oh yes, and not to forget this Valentine’s menu is only available on the night itself, 14th Feb 2016.

Thank you Chef Mural for sharing his philosophy with us.



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