Saryo Suisen 茶寮 翠泉 烏丸御池店 – Have you ever had a Matcha gloop?!

Saryo Suisen 茶寮 翠泉 烏丸御池店

461 Kinpukicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

DSC_1031An intriguing tea place, though located far from central Kyoto, was operating on a full house even at 5pm when we arrived (just an hour before it closes). And if you think google map might have gotten it wrong as you walked through the quieter residential streets, Saryo Suisen 茶寮 翠泉 could indeed be aptly described as a “hidden” gem. Focusing mainly on the more popular matcha and hojicha flavours, every dessert is as impeccable as you could have imagined for the other tea houses around Japan, but Saryo came across as unique with its creative take on some desserts! Behold the gloop!

DSC_1023DSC_1027Apart from the common parfaits, what caught the foreigners’ (we were actually the only gaijin there) as well as the locals attention was this blob of Matcha Gloop. Its texture – a hybrid of mochi and jelly; with the stretchiness of mochi skin but could be separated more easily. Lashed with the adequately sweet brown sugar sauce and eating it with the partially mashed red beans and lightly salted yellow bean powder, this dessert tasted familiarly unfamiliar. pretty delicious! ¥630.

DSC_1025c3This Suisen parfait, as luscious as it looks, does indeed taste satisfyingly good! A melting soft serve that is intense in its matcha flavour, with a light bitter taste that cuts through the other sweeter elements, topped with some fluffy Matcha pancake, and a crispy quality Matcha waffle roll. Very well executed indeed.

DSC_1021Saryo Cake Set served with the fluffy Matcha swiss roll that has been piped beautifully with the strong tasting matcha cream. ¥800.

DSC_1020And ending the whole afternoon tea with the decadently rich classic Hojicha and vanilla ice cream. ¥780.

c1Looking more local than my apparently gaijin friend, he was the one who placed all the orders fluently! Definitely a fun tea place for all of us, especially so when that gloop was served to us.

Verdict: A good tea place. 3.6/5

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