Spices Cafe – The crab season is back!

Spices Cafe

Concorde Hotel near Dhoby Ghaut MRT

IMG_9323Themed as the Harvest of the Sea Dinner Buffet, we could indeed expect a heavenly crab feast at Spices Cafe, even more assuring when they are all cooked to order (definitely a lower probability of getting hold of a soggy crab I bet). With five different flavours on the list, you get to order an unlimited serving of Chilli, black pepper, Sauteed Saffron, Butter & white pepper and the salted egg crabs. Not exactly a huge fan of buffets as like what I have repeatedly iterated, there are bound to be hits and misses. Likewise for Spices cafe, but I reckon the greater share of hits made it an enjoyable experience after all!

IMG_9322IMG_9320Two of the less frequently spotted flavours. The Sauteed Saffron (top) was lightly sweet as we seem to have tasted pumpkin in that puree-like sauce. The butter and white pepper was thick, creamy and hits the buttery spot that most would have hoped for while the crabby meat was undeniably fresh.

IMG_9315IMG_9325The crustacean delight did not just stop at the crabs as you get a choice of baked Cheese lobster or abalone as a ‘main’ that you could unfortunately only order once.

IMG_9314And if you prefer your lobster to have a more local slant, a sambal rendition is also up for grabs. But, do be cautioned that that savage sambal wasn’t trivial as I even had to scrape away some of it but if you need that intense kick, this should do the trick.

IMG_9305We’ve gotten pass the main theme and the starters still managed to keep our appetite upbeat.

IMG_9308IMG_9307That luscious mango prawn salad, beautifully topped with caviar, was spot on as the creamy sauce the succulent prawns are drenched in has totally assimilated the sweet mango juice. And that Spicy Thai Beef Salad was totally on point with the right balance of spices and chilli in it, that gives it an umami body.

IMG_9290Roasted leg of lamb with garlic sauce – Heavy tasting with the fragrant rosemary herbs cutting through, the aroma was balanced but could have been done better with a shorter cooking.

IMG_9293Sauteed Sliced venison with mushroom and herb sauce.

IMG_9294Steamed Garoupa with garlic and glass noodles – this had the standard you usually would expect at a wedding banquet. The fish still tasting tender, was drenched with the flavourful sauce that is rightly mopped up by the springy vermicelli by the side. One of my favourite mains that night!

IMG_9298Wok-fried spicy clams with lotus leaf. And of course the hot dishes did not just end there as there are other pretty delicious ones such as the stir fried vegetables with scallops etc, mostly having at least a seafood component in it.

IMG_9311And the Laksa over here – definitely worth a bowl with its creamy, spicy, coconuty, intense broth!

IMG_9303IMG_9289And the mandatory cold section that every buffet will not miss. But the sushi over here was quite a letdown as it was prepared with pearl rice that wasn’t cooked through that gave it that unwanted grainy texture.

IMG_9288s1And finishing off the buffet with that extensive dessert section, I loved the orh ni best. Thick, creamy with a generous amount of plump ginko nuts in it, this was fragrant and tasted decadent to the palates!

IMG_9282You may find the variety here to be slightly smaller, but with that compromise the quality is there and with that large repertoire of seafood served, this is actually quite a steal at $58++ for weekends and $53++ for weekdays (excluding Friday nights).

Thanks to Si Min and Celeste for hosting us this dinner!



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